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Wow, I am so glad last week is over. It was crazy.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I had to give two presentations on Tuesday. So most of the beginning part of the week was spent getting ready for those. Then Tuesday-Thursday I had to meet two giganto-sized deadlines at work. I worked all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday on those. Friday I went to my clinical observation and graded papers for 4 hours. I enjoyed grading papers, but it was a little strenuous because they were essays, and there were a lot of them. I also found out that my clinical teacher will be leaving for a new job in the middle of the semester, so that should make things pretty interesting. Then I decided to just chill at the house Friday afternoon rather than put in extra hours at work. I think I made the right choice.

The weekend was good. Friday night, Holly and I went to see Dance Alabama, which is a student-organized dance show that happens once a semester on campus. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, the two of us and Jessica went to Olive Garden, which was yummy as always. We were planning to go to the LSP party after that, but we were tired, so we all went home and went to bed. I went to the game on Saturday. The Crimson Tide remained unbeaten with a 6-3 win over Tennessee. That game was a nail-biter. Jess, Jana and I walked over to the Quad before the game, and Jess and I bought sweatshirts so we wouldn't freeze to death. We found some for $10 at one of the vendors, so, of course, we could not pass that up. We met Abe on the Quad, then met Holly, Josh and Rebecca on the steps of Reese Phifer. We ended up having to sit really high up because there were so many of us, but I kind of like sitting higher up. I had stadium nachos, and they were yummy. And I was really glad I bought the sweatshirt, because it was kinda cold. After the game, we went to Cancun (local Mexican restaurant) and then hung out at our house for a little while. Yesterday was a fairly normal Sunday. I went to church, and the Creitz's invited me and some friends over for lunch. It was SO good. We had pot roast, salad, broccoli and bread. I took a nap after that, even though I really should have done some homework. I got up and went to Bible study, where I sang with Josh Gillis. Rob talked on spiritual warfare, which is always interesting. After Bible study, Rob, Abe, Brooks, Ana and I went to IHOP. I had country griddle cakes, which I had been craving for about a week. They were very satisfying.

So that brings me up to today. I slept in until 8:30 this morning, but I am actually considering taking a short nap when I go home at 3. Somebody from work called and woke me up because they had a question about taking something to the printer. So, I went in to work at 10 instead of 12. I had planned to do homework this morning. So much for that. Work was good, though. Just had to deliver a couple of things to the printers after making some corrections.

Well, I guess that's about all for now.
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