Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me ...
11:25 AM | Author: Misty
A real update soon, hopefully. Until now, you'll have to be satisfied with this.

True English Nerd
You scored 78 erudition!
Not only do you know your subjects from your objects and your definite from your indefinite articles, but you've got quite a handle on the literature and the history of the language as well. Huzzah, and well done! The English snobs of Boston salute you.

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Going home...
9:57 AM | Author: Misty
Well, I'm leaving to go to my parents' house today. I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends, maybe getting some reading done, having a lot of time to do absolutely nothing. :)

If you want something interesting to look at about once a week, check this out.
Top ten
9:35 AM | Author: Misty
OK, totally borrowing this idea from Mean Girl. These are - in no particular order - my top 15 favorites (currently) in my iPod.

I Shall Not Walk Alone - Blind Boys of Alabama
Take My Hand - Shawn McDonald
All Fall Down - Grits
Seasons of Love - Rent Soundtrack
Meant to Live - Switchfoot
O Praise Him (All This for a King) - David Crowder Band
And So it Goes - Eric Clapton
You Do All Things Well - Chris Tomlin
Wholly Yours - David Crowder Band
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble - Delirious
Time After Time - Erin Bode
Lay Down My Pride - Jeremy Camp
Everything About You (Alternate Version) - Sanctus Real
There is None Like You - Shane Barnard and Shane Everett
Nothing But the Blood - Ronnie Freeman
Movie recommendation
2:36 AM | Author: Misty
If you have not see The Pianist, see it. Incredibly sad, beautiful film based on the true story of a Jewish piano player during the Holocaust. Definitely ranks as one of my new favorites.
I got the rest of my grades back...
1:27 PM | Author: Misty
And I made the Dean's List!! :) Hooray for me. That was one of my goals at the beginning of the semester!!!

Breakdown of the grades:
CSE 493 - B
COM 451 - B+
BEP 305 - A-
AY 102 - A
CSE 390 - A
CSE 469 - A
Basketball + King Kong = good night
1:08 AM | Author: Misty
Went to the Bama basketball game tonight. We left early, but we were ahead by about 22 with 5 minutes to go. I'm pretty sure we won.

Also saw King Kong. Fantastic movie! I'm in love with Adrien Brody's eyes.
Hooray for good times
12:20 AM | Author: Misty
I made an A- in Ed Psych!!! Yea!!!!!!! I thought I was going to make a B in that class, so I'm really happy. Now I'm just waiting for grades from CSE 390 and CSE 493.

We had our Christmas Jollification party tonight, and it was much fun. Lots of friends, lots of laughs, LOTS of food, and presents, too. Renee was able to come, which I was really happy about. We all played Dirty Santa (I took Brooks's penguin, but he managed to get it back), then we played a lil bit of Mafia and a game called Apples to Apples, which was pretty fun. Altogether, it was a fantastic party.

Quote for the night:
Me: Why can you touch your eye and not mine?
Abe: Because it's my jelly!
Almost there!
8:17 AM | Author: Misty
Took my COM 451 final yesterday (and my "oral final" in CSE 469). I finished my CSE 493 take-home final last night. Only one left.

I'm about to go to work for a few hours, then go turn in the take-home, then come back home and study some more.

Highlight of yesterday: I made $130 selling back textbooks.

Grades so far:
AY 102 - A
CSE 469 - A
COM 451 - B+
Oh, by the way...
8:32 PM | Author: Misty
It's finals week. I have a test tomorrow (COM 451) and a test Wednesday (BEP 305). I also have an "oral final" tomorrow in CSE 469. Then I'm done!!! :)
Weekend fun times
3:42 PM | Author: Misty
Had a great weekend.

Friday night I hung out with Abe and a bunch of his friends. We ate salad and lots and lots of fish. It was super yummy. Then we went and saw Chronicles of Narnia, which was FANTASTIC! Saturday was a pretty non-exciting day. I slept through most of it, then got up and went to Jessica's APO Holiday Spectacular. More good times there. This group of theatre students had 24 hours to put together (write, direct, cast, rehearse) a Christmas spectacular. It turned out to be hilarious! Much fun.

Yesterday I went to church, had lunch at the Creitz's and then took another long nap. I slept in today, too. I like sleep.

Today I've been at work for most of the day. Got a lot done on the newsletter. Tonight I have to study for my COM 451 final. And watch Gauntlet II. :)
10:43 PM | Author: Misty
You Have a Melancholic Temperament

Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything.
You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.
You love silence and solitude. Everyday life is usually too chaotic for you.

Given enough time alone, it's easy for you to find inner peace.
You tend to be spiritual, having found your own meaning of life.
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At your worst, you brood and sulk. Your negative thoughts can trap you.
You are reserved and withdrawn. This makes it hard to connect to others.
You tend to over think small things, making decisions difficult.
Two down, one to go!
12:49 PM | Author: Misty
Ah, I like the feeling of being REALLY close to finished. I completed the second of my presentations today, and I feel like it went OK. Definitely better than the one yesterday. Jennifer and I met last night to go over today's presentation, and I think we did pretty well. Mostly I'm glad it's over with.

Now I just have to put together stuff for my presentation tomorrow. I think I'm going to talk about the importance of reading to children and use the dialogue from the beginning of The Princess Bride where the grandpa gives the kid a book for a present and starts reading it to him. Then I need to find some filler and will probably conclude with the very end of The Princess Bride, where the kid tells his grandpa that he wants him to come back and read to him again. I think that'll be good and hopefully a little more interesting than some of the other presentations.

I got my take-home final for CSE 493 today, and I don't think it's going to be too bad. Two essay questions; one essay is supposed to be about 4 pages, the other is 2-3 pages, so that's not bad at all. I've got to work on my CSE 390 final project tonight, as well, so that I can have it finished and not have to worry about it. Then I'll have my CSE 469 "oral final" and my COM 451 final Tuesday morning and my BEP 305 final Wednesday night. Hooray for a fairly non-stressful finals week. I suppose that having a really busy dead week has been mostly worth it. Mostly.

We are having a Christmas party at our house next Friday night, and I'm really excited about that. I have to take the APTT next Saturday ... not as excited about that, but I've heard that it's not that hard.

As of the end of next week, I will have officially completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama. That's the part I'm really excited about. :)
Made it through the first one
3:49 PM | Author: Misty
Well, I finished up my first presentation today. It wasn't great, but it's over. Two more to go. I also now have a final project due Thursday, but I don't think it will be too hard, and she told us we can turn it in later if we don't have enough time to do it before then.

Good things today:
*Presentation #1 finished
*iPod is charged, updated and currently in use
*Productive times at work
*FREE LUNCH (including warm soup) today at work
*I got to wear a scarf
*I got up super early, so I had plenty of time to shower and get ready and to class on time
*My 8 and 9:30 classes are canceled Thursday
*God reminded me (through one of the presentations in my 12:30 class) that I shouldn't stress out about little things that won't matter in about 3 days
*I now only have 2 finals next week because of the final project I'm turning in for CSE 390

Bad things today:
*It took about 10 minutes to defrost my car this morning
*It was FREAKING COLD this morning, especially in my 8 a.m. class
*I have two more presentations this week, one of which I haven't started yet
*My presentation partner for my presentation tomorrow has not gotten in touch with me to go over our presentation
*I have to work at Old Navy Thursday, Friday and Saturday (blech ... but at least it's money toward Tokyo)

I am so ready for Christmas break it's not even funny. I really, really want some time off to just chill and not have to think. I'm excited that I'm going to get to go home to my parents house for a week and that I'll get to see some old friends. I'm excited for Christmas, too, and getting to play with my niece and nephew, who are the cutest kids ever! Also, getting to see Kristy, my sister who lives in Virginia, for the first time since May. And getting time off work... yea! Then No Comp is the first week of January, so that'll be lots of fun as always. I might even get to see a couple of my India gang.

Only one and a half more weeks. Three more class meetings. Two presentations. One final project. Two finals. I can make it. Really.
What a crock!
10:13 PM | Author: Misty
I would just like to say that dead week is a load of crap. A big, fat, stinkin' load of crap.

I have three presentations this week. I'm procrastinating.

I had lunch with Laura today. Dinner with Chris, Abe and Dianne. Good times. I'm watching a movie now and trying to think of an oral interp piece to teach a lesson on later this week. Only 10 more days until my semester is over. Thank goodness.
Fantastic Jason Morant video
3:38 PM | Author: Misty
Hope this works. It's called City of Two Rivers and is by Jason Morant.

To play the video, you must have QuickTime installed.
I made it!
9:01 AM | Author: Misty
I survived the conference from Hades yesterday.

We finally had our statewide AQA conference at work yesterday. I had to be there at 7 a.m. yesterday and did not leave until 8 p.m. Some of the presentations were fun, but it definitely got old after a while, and a few of them went really long. It's over now - that's the important thing. The most interesting thing that happened was that some picketers were outside protesting one of the organizations.

I'm still feeling kinda foggy from the sinus infection. I've still got about 4 more days of antibiotic treatment left, so I figure it'll be all better soon.

My 8 a.m. class was canceled today, and that makes me happy. I'm not going to my 9:30 class (I already e-mailed my teacher and told her I'm sick still - I was supposed to teach a lesson, but at least I have the lesson plan ready to do it next week). I probably will go to my 12:30 class, and I also have to go to an astronomy lab sometime today. I'm tempted to do that at 12:30 instead of going to Frank's class. I'm also meeting with Dr. Dail today and working for a little while.

I had an interesting conversation with Bobby last night. I don't know ...