12:08 PM | Author: Misty

Trees also fell on railroad tracks in several places around town. Posted by Picasa
12:07 PM | Author: Misty

Several trees were down around campus including this one at the intersection of Marr's Spring Road and Campus Drive. Posted by Picasa
12:07 PM | Author: Misty

A tree fell on one corner of The Gates apartment complex on Campus Drive. Posted by Picasa
12:06 PM | Author: Misty

City workers were laboring to get road cleared of blockages caused by downed trees and power lines. Posted by Picasa
12:05 PM | Author: Misty

A branch fell from a tree on Hackberry. Posted by Picasa
12:04 PM | Author: Misty
Did I post too many pictures? Test...
12:02 PM | Author: Misty

Several power lines were down, including this one on 12th Street. Posted by Picasa
12:02 PM | Author: Misty

A campus police officer records the info for a car on 6th Avenue that got its windows busted out during the storm. Posted by Picasa
12:01 PM | Author: Misty

University Boulevard was blocked off because of downed trees. It was blocked off from 6th Avenue all the way down to Colonial Drive. Posted by Picasa
11:52 AM | Author: Misty

The Bama Lanes sign had some issues. Posted by Picasa
11:51 AM | Author: Misty

This one gives you a better view of the bent phone pole in front of University Mall. Posted by Picasa
11:51 AM | Author: Misty

A little off-center -- a telephone pole got a little bent up in front of University Mall. Looks like we might get some more wind and rain today. Posted by Picasa
11:50 AM | Author: Misty
The Amoco sign near Skyland took a direct hit from Katrina's winds. Posted by Picasa
Wow, it's been an eventful day.

Hurricane Katrina, which has now become the second strongest and the most expensive hurricane in my lifetime, ripped up the Gulf Coast today and has been carving out destructive paths all the way through Mississippi and West Alabama.

I'm really glad Katrina didn't hit New Orleans in the way they thought it would. It would have been amazingly catastrophic for all the 1.3 million people of that city to lose their homes, their jobs and pretty much everything material they hold dear. And it's such a neat city and a historical place. Would have been a shame for all that to be destroyed.

Not to downplay the horrible destruction of the storm in any way. It has done incredible damage to New Orleans, Gulf Port, Biloxi, Mobile, and the folks in these towns are going to be picking up the pieces for months. My prayers are definitely with these people.

As for how we've fared in Tuscaloosa, it hasn't been too terrible. We lost electricity for a few hours, and for a while there the EMA had put us under a tornado warning "until further notice" because the winds were so strong and so many tornado cells were popping up on the RADAR. This made for an interesting night. Rebecca, Josh, Jessica, Dianne and I all chilled at the house, ate the junk food I stocked up on, played some cards and watched a little TV while the power was on. The wind's still howling around outside, but it should stop in the next couple of hours. No major damage has been done, just some downed trees and maybe a few power lines.

Now if they would just cancel school again tomorrow...
It's amazing how it can feel good and bad all at once to have your misgivings about a particular person validated.

I hung out with Friend (whose name I will not mention, for the sake of folks that know both of us) tonight. She's been good friends with my ex-roommate (EX) for the past several months. Well, I don't hold EX in the highest regards. I think she's selfish, mean, self-righteous, a show-off --- among other things. Another friend and I talked several months ago about the fact that EX tends to jump around from friend to friend. She'll hang out with one girl for a couple of weeks/months and basically let that girl feel like they are "best buds," but once something better comes along, the friend gets kicked to the curb. Personally, I think that she uses her "friends" so that she can gain status and once they've served their purpose she quits hanging around with them. I know of at least 4 people this has happened to with EX. So, anyway, EX has started dating around a bit and doesn't really have as much time for Friend any more. And when Friend tries to talk to her about it, apparently EX gets really defensive and kind of mean. So, Friend and I talked about this for a long time tonight, along with some other things. I feel bad for Friend and hope she will start hanging out with us some, because she is a really cool, sweet girl, and I don't want to see her get hurt the way I know EX could potentially hurt her.

It's still hard for me to be around EX. Everything she does, I question her motives and, honestly, I think I'm justified in doing it usually. That doesn't mean it's healthy for me to dwell on this relationship. It's hard for me, though, because I see her somewhat frequently and it seems like every time I see her, she has to let me know some way that she has outdone me, some way that she's succeeded in being better than I am. And I guess that's why I question her motives. But at the same time, when I hear these things from her, it makes me want to do the same thing. But I can't be that kind of person.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm not even sure if any of that made sense.
Getting old
10:32 PM | Author: Misty
I'm such an old woman.

I got off work around 4, went to Wal-mart and Old Navy (bought a cute new skirt at Wal-mart!), went to dinner and a movie with my roommate, was back home by around 8:30, watched TV and did some homework, and now I think I'm heading to bed pretty soon. Sheesh, it's only 10:30 on a Friday night!
First day of school!
2:51 PM | Author: Misty
Fall classes started today.

I've only had one class so far. It was my CSE 493 Diversity Seminar class, which met at 11 this morning. I really like the teacher, and I actually really enjoyed the class time. The class is extremely small (7 students), which is cool. I was a little nervous about going, because it's my first education class, but I think I'll do fine in it. My educational psychology class meets tonight; that one should be interesting.

I really want to stay disciplined this semester and make the Dean's list. I've come somewhat close before with a 3.33 GPA, but I honestly think I can do it if I'll just buckle down and study and go to class. Besides that, a good GPA this semester will help out with being able to start grad school in January.

Some goals for this semester:
3.5 overall GPA
No unexcused absences from any class
Go to the gym at least twice a week
Lose 10 pounds
Make a 60 on my MAT
Pass the Praxis II and the APPT

Other random thing about today: I was officially one of the "tank top, skirt, flipflops and cute purse" girls you see walking around campus. It felt kinda strange since I would normally wear a T-shirt and jeans to class, but since I work pretty much every day, I have to dress a little more nicely.

Here's my thought for the day, which might not make sense if you don't read the whole article:

Always go to the funeral' means that I have to do the right thing when I really, really don't feel like it. I have to remind myself of it when I could make some small gesture, but I don't really have to and I definitely don't want to. I'm talking about those things that represent only inconvenience to me, but the world to the other guy. You know, the painfully underattended birthday party. The hospital visit during happy hour. ... In my humdrum life, the daily battle hasn't been good versus evil. It's hardly so epic. Most days, my real battle is doing good versus doing nothing.

Here's the URL for that story: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4785079
Start having a... great life
12:23 AM | Author: Misty
This has been a good weekend so far.

I got off work at 5 yesterday, then Jessica, Rebecca and I went and ate at Applebee's before going and watching Shakespeare in the Park. A local group called the Rude Mechanicals performed Pericles at River Road Park; it was fantastic! I really enjoyed the acting and the story. I had never read or seen Pericles. 'Twas a good story.

After Pericles we went to the movies with some friends of Jess's and saw Red Eye, the new Wes Craven flick starring Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. It was pretty good. Suspenseful and well-acted.

Today was a productive day. I slept in until about 10:30, then got up and chilled for a little while with Jess, Rebecca and Renee, our friend who used to go to school here but who is now attending massage school in Atlanta. Renee's staying at our house all weekend because she wanted to help her little sister move in to her dorm this weekend. Anyway, after I finally got up, I cleaned my room, did laundry, hung up several things in my room that I've been meaning to hang up for a few weeks, went to Wal-Mart, bought a vacuum and vacuumed our house.

Tonight Rebecca and I ordered pizza, then invited people over to watch a movie. Micah, Abe, Brooks and Mary came, and we watched After the Sunset with Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle. It was a pretty good movie.

Now Renee is giving Rebecca a massage, and if I stay up late enough I get one, too. I don't think I'm going to make it.
Passion '06
3:53 PM | Author: Misty
So, I signed up a few weeks ago to be a student rep for Passion '06's Student Nexus, and I'm really having a lot of fun with it so far! I got a package from them in the mail yesterday with a T-shirt, some small posters and some postcards to hand out. I've sent out about 300 e-mails about the event.

For anyone who might happen across this and not know what Passion is, it's an AWESOME four-day conference that's going to be in Nashville from January 2-5. Some of the speakers and bands that will be there include Louie Giglio, John Piper, Beth Moore, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Shane and Shane, and more. For more info about the event, visit http://www.268generation.com/passion06. Also, if you want to help me out, e-mail blogger@268generation.com and let them know that I told you about Passion '06. Just put my name as the subject line (Misty Bell) and put "told me about Passion '06" as the body of your e-mail. The guys at Passion guarantee that you will not start getting spammed if you e-mail them. And it would help me out a lot! :)
2:55 PM | Author: Misty
I officially lost my mind. I mean, signed up to take the MAT on October 3. And found out I have to take the Praxis II. And changed my entire class schedule.

So, yeah, I'm taking the MAT in like 6 weeks. I feel extraordinarily underprepared at this point. I'm just going to study like crazy and pray like crazier. I met with a guy from the College of Education and found out that I have to take some prerequisite classes to start my master's in secondary education; however, if I pass the Praxis II on November 19, I only have to take three prereq classes as opposed to 10 or 11. So I changed my schedule so I could take those classes this semester. I'm taking three secondary education classes, an educational psychology class and an English class on Shakespeare. It's gonna be an extremely interesting semester.

This afternoon I have to go move all my stuff that I left at the old house I moved from earlier this summer. I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but at least I have a couple guys that are going to help me move furniture. I'm going home to change after work, then I'll start moving all my smaller stuff that'll fit in my car. Cary is supposed to come help at 6:30, and I'm hoping Abe will be able to help, too. Hmm... maybe Kosta would be willing to help, too.
What are the odds?
11:55 PM | Author: Misty
I got struck by lightning Saturday.

I'm OK.

I was using my laptop during the bad storms we had that day. Lightning struck our house and ran through my computer. Thankfully I only had one hand on the computer at the time. It gave me a big shock. There was a giganto-sized spark and I threw the computer down. The only ill effects were a sore hand and a coppery taste in my mouth. But now I can say that I have been struck by lightning. Pretty crazy.
Here's what I've decided
4:04 PM | Author: Misty
I think that God has recently poured a gift of mercy out on me. I felt like I had this gift before, and I've even had people tell me before that I have it, but here lately my heart just breaks over EVERYTHING. I was reading a story earlier on cnn.com about this guy that shot a bunch of kids at his middle school when he was thirteen and how he's about to get out of jail, and I just cried over it. Not crying because he's getting out, just crying over the fact that a child would possibly want to do something like that and over how he has no way to know what he's missed in the 8 years he's been in jail, and now his life is not going to be the same as it could have been.

That's just an example of the type of thing that's kind of set me off of late, mostly since I got back from India. In a way, I'm glad, because I think feeling that strongly helps me to be able to minister to people that might not otherwise be ministered to. It's hard, too, though, to have my heart broken daily for people who have no idea ... about a lot of things, I think.

I don't know if any of that makes any sense, but I felt the need to write about it.
For what do I have if I don't have you, Jesus? What in this life could mean any more? You are my rock. You are my glory. You are the lifter of my head. --Starfield
Good weekend, boring week
9:57 PM | Author: Misty
I had a pretty good weekend.

Jess, Holly and I went to see Sky High on Friday night. It was cute. It's the new Disney movie about this kid that goes to high school, only it's a high school for superheroes and sidekicks. It had all sorts of cliched undertones, but it was a good, clean movie. I've committed to not watch things with lots of cursing/sex for the next ten weeks while I am doing this Beth Moore study called Living Beyond Yourself.

Saturday night I stayed home and studied for the MAT, which I think I'm going to either be taking next month or at the beginning of October. Sunday I went to church (I got to sing, so I was REALLY happy), then took a LONG nap after lunch.

Yesterday and today I worked on editing a freakin' novel for work. I finally got finished late this afternoon.

Last night I got to hang out with Austin, my friend who lives in Mississippi, and that was exciting. Rebecca and I also cooked last night AND tonight. I'm very proud of us, because eating at home is a lot cheaper than eating out.

Anyway, that's about it. Just wanted to update since I haven't the past few days.
La di da
10:44 AM | Author: Misty
I had a fun night last night.

I met with Sharon for our first accountability meeting, and we decided to do a Beth Moore study called Living Beyond Yourself. Then I went to praise and worship practice at church. I didn't realize how much I had missed singing at church until I went to practice. It was so much fun. I was supposed to help Dianne move some of her stuff after that, but when I called her she said she had moved a few loads and was too tired to do more. So I went home and watched Early Edition, then went to bed.

So, Wednesday night was not a good night. I worked out and went to small group, and those were good, but while I was at small group LeAnne called and grilled me about when I was going to move the rest of the stuff I left over at the old house. I had told all 5 of the girls that lived there that I was going to have a yard sale this weekend and that I would move the leftover stuff after that, but apparently they just didn't listen. So then I was really irritated that they had not paid attention to me. Of course, Satan siezed the opportunity to attack and I had a really crummy rest of the evening that included backing into Ashley's car (thankfully she didn't care and it didn't do any damage to her car... my car, on the other hand, has four dents in the rear bumper now) and feeling really down about the fact that I've had to move so many times by myself and worrying that I wouldn't be able to find someone to help me move again. So, anyway, that was a crappy night, but thankfully I feel better now and I know that I will find somebody to help me move.

I don't have any big plans for the weekend. I'm thinking of trying out for Tuscaloosa's Talent Search tomorrow afternoon, because I think it'd be fun. I'd have to talk somebody into going with me. Maybe Jess would go... Other than that, I am going to help Dianne move tonight, and I'll probably just hang around the house for most of the rest of the weekend. We'll see how long that lasts... :)

I had a quote to share, but I don't have my Bible with me, so later...
Today's quote
10:28 AM | Author: Misty
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. Give thanks to the God of Gods. Give thanks to the Lord of Lords, to Him who alone does great wonders, who by His understanding made the heavens, who spread out the earth upon the waters, who made the Great Light, to the One who remembered us in our lowest state and freed us from our enemies and gives food to every creature. Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever. --Chris Tomlin's Forever, paraphrase from Psalms
Ranch Wheat Thins are from God
3:47 PM | Author: Misty

I have had a semi-productive day at work. Got some design work done and wrote an article for the upcoming newsletter. Also have been dealing with some people in Birmigham that are supposed to send info for the project I was helping out with... they were supposed to send it yesterday, but I found out today that apparently they haven't even looked at it yet. Oh, well.

I'm going grocery shopping after work. Gonna get some YUMMY food so that I don't spend so much money on eating out. I actually cooked last night and was very proud of myself, because I really just wanted to go pick something up. I made green beans with feta cheese in butter and soy sauce (SO good) and teriyaki noodles. Yes, a random combination, but they were things I already had at the house. I need to cook the things I already have there, too, but I definitely have to pick up some things.

This week is a little busy. Gotta pick up groceries tonight, then having dinner with Lynsey and Cary, tomorrow I have to meet our landlord to hand over the rent and then have small group at 8, Thursday I am meeting with Sharon, who was the office manager for India and is going to be discipling/mentoring me, for the first time, then I have praise practice at 7. Maybe Friday will be a nice, normal night where I can just relax a little... *fingers crossed*.

Anyway, that's all for now.
Today's quote
1:47 PM | Author: Misty
Here's a quote from earlier today that caught my eye. It was on my Starbucks cup.

Risk-taking, trust and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens. Without trust, fear creeps in. Without serendipity, there are no surprises. --Rita Golden Gelman, author of Tales of a Female Nomad