Hooray for a good lesson!
9:40 AM | Author: Misty
I would just like everyone to know that I just gave the most awesome grammar lesson EVER in my CSE 469 class. I was really nervous, but it ended up going incredibly smoothly. The teacher even complimented me, which doesn't happen often in that class! I am so glad that lesson is over, because now I have an easy week coming up and I can kind of catch up on some of my work. This is going to be a much-needed break, because I've had a lot of tests and presentations these past couple of weeks. Of course, the week after next, I have tests and presentations again, but at least I get a week in between to recuperate from the hard blows of midterms. I feel like schoolwork has kicked my butt these past couple of weeks, but somehow I have managed to come out on top with all A's! (Well, except for an 80 on my COM 451 midterm).

In other news, I'm going to a leadership training thing for church at the McGee's house tonight. It's going to be a lot of fun, I think. And they are ordering food from Cypress Inn... yum! (For anyone who is not from Tuscaloosa, Cypress Inn is one of the nicest, most high-end restaurants in town). I have to make up an astronomy lab today, which I am not particularly excited about. I wish I could just drop that class, but I need it to graduate in December. Grrr. I got my application for grad school turned in and just have to write my objectives essay and get my recommendation letters turned in. Dr. Thompson (COM 451 teacher) is going to write one of those. I need to find two more people to write those for me.

Anywho... I'm off. Hope everyone is having a great day!
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