Merry merry merry merry Christmas :)
1:26 AM | Author: Misty
I like him. I like him a lot.

We went out to Olive Garden tonight, exchanged Christmas presents and generally had a great time. He did a good job on the gifts (key chain, gloves, iTunes gift card, CD-ROMs - because I burn CDs so often), and I was relieved that he liked what I got him (Simpson's season 1 on DVD).

I'm leaving tomorrow (well, I guess now it would technically be today) for my parents' house. Kristy, my middle sister, came in last night from Virginia, so it should be a fun, eventful visit. Dad and I are going to the Independence Bowl the 27th-29th, then I will be back to Tuscaloosa on the 29th. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family.
10:42 PM | Author: Misty
Not the best picture of me, but I wanted to share with all the folks that only keep up with me through my blog that I am dating someone! He's the happy guy sitting behind me, in case you couldn't figure that out. :)

His name is Rob, and he leads worship at my church. We had been hanging out a lot for the past few weeks, but we talked about it Friday night and decided to give "real dating" a shot.

I like him a lot!
OK, for any of you that posted comments on my blog at some point and thought that I was just completely ignoring you or that I didn't want anything to do with you or that your comment offended me, whatever... I'm so sorry! I just realized that I had chosen to moderate comments before they were posted, so I hadn't seen any of the comments that have been left for me in the past six months! I will be working on getting back to all of you that need to be gotten back to about stuff... so sorry again.

In other news ... I'm happy. :) I'll let you ruminate on that one and make of it what you will.

Oh, and I decided that I'm going to do one more semester at my current job. I guess I just need more than 5 days to decide what to do with my life! I prayed about it, read some Scripture, basically realized that I was being an idiot and why I was being an idiot (that's another story) and that everything was going to be OK. So good for God! He's a pretty cool guy.