Hooray for a good lesson!
9:40 AM | Author: Misty
I would just like everyone to know that I just gave the most awesome grammar lesson EVER in my CSE 469 class. I was really nervous, but it ended up going incredibly smoothly. The teacher even complimented me, which doesn't happen often in that class! I am so glad that lesson is over, because now I have an easy week coming up and I can kind of catch up on some of my work. This is going to be a much-needed break, because I've had a lot of tests and presentations these past couple of weeks. Of course, the week after next, I have tests and presentations again, but at least I get a week in between to recuperate from the hard blows of midterms. I feel like schoolwork has kicked my butt these past couple of weeks, but somehow I have managed to come out on top with all A's! (Well, except for an 80 on my COM 451 midterm).

In other news, I'm going to a leadership training thing for church at the McGee's house tonight. It's going to be a lot of fun, I think. And they are ordering food from Cypress Inn... yum! (For anyone who is not from Tuscaloosa, Cypress Inn is one of the nicest, most high-end restaurants in town). I have to make up an astronomy lab today, which I am not particularly excited about. I wish I could just drop that class, but I need it to graduate in December. Grrr. I got my application for grad school turned in and just have to write my objectives essay and get my recommendation letters turned in. Dr. Thompson (COM 451 teacher) is going to write one of those. I need to find two more people to write those for me.

Anywho... I'm off. Hope everyone is having a great day!
2:37 PM | Author: Misty
Wow, I am so glad last week is over. It was crazy.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I had to give two presentations on Tuesday. So most of the beginning part of the week was spent getting ready for those. Then Tuesday-Thursday I had to meet two giganto-sized deadlines at work. I worked all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday on those. Friday I went to my clinical observation and graded papers for 4 hours. I enjoyed grading papers, but it was a little strenuous because they were essays, and there were a lot of them. I also found out that my clinical teacher will be leaving for a new job in the middle of the semester, so that should make things pretty interesting. Then I decided to just chill at the house Friday afternoon rather than put in extra hours at work. I think I made the right choice.

The weekend was good. Friday night, Holly and I went to see Dance Alabama, which is a student-organized dance show that happens once a semester on campus. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, the two of us and Jessica went to Olive Garden, which was yummy as always. We were planning to go to the LSP party after that, but we were tired, so we all went home and went to bed. I went to the game on Saturday. The Crimson Tide remained unbeaten with a 6-3 win over Tennessee. That game was a nail-biter. Jess, Jana and I walked over to the Quad before the game, and Jess and I bought sweatshirts so we wouldn't freeze to death. We found some for $10 at one of the vendors, so, of course, we could not pass that up. We met Abe on the Quad, then met Holly, Josh and Rebecca on the steps of Reese Phifer. We ended up having to sit really high up because there were so many of us, but I kind of like sitting higher up. I had stadium nachos, and they were yummy. And I was really glad I bought the sweatshirt, because it was kinda cold. After the game, we went to Cancun (local Mexican restaurant) and then hung out at our house for a little while. Yesterday was a fairly normal Sunday. I went to church, and the Creitz's invited me and some friends over for lunch. It was SO good. We had pot roast, salad, broccoli and bread. I took a nap after that, even though I really should have done some homework. I got up and went to Bible study, where I sang with Josh Gillis. Rob talked on spiritual warfare, which is always interesting. After Bible study, Rob, Abe, Brooks, Ana and I went to IHOP. I had country griddle cakes, which I had been craving for about a week. They were very satisfying.

So that brings me up to today. I slept in until 8:30 this morning, but I am actually considering taking a short nap when I go home at 3. Somebody from work called and woke me up because they had a question about taking something to the printer. So, I went in to work at 10 instead of 12. I had planned to do homework this morning. So much for that. Work was good, though. Just had to deliver a couple of things to the printers after making some corrections.

Well, I guess that's about all for now.
It's official...
4:46 PM | Author: Misty
I scored in the 95th percentile on my MAT exam!!! Hooray!

I'm really excited, because I only had to score in the 50th percentile to make it in to grad school. Yea for Jesus for helping me get the score that's even better than what I needed and asked for!

Well, the most stressful part of the midterm is over. I gave two presentations today. The first was a five-minute mini-lesson in my CSE 390 class. I thought I presented the info really well, but I just got blank stares when I asked questions to my classmates. I was stuck with a bunch of math and history people, and I don't think they really cared anything about what I was talking about. The second presentation was for COM 451, and it went really well. Everyone was really interested in what I was saying and asked lots of questions, which made me go a bit over on my time. I really hope Frank doesn't count off much for that. I'm really hoping for an A (on both).

Well, now if I can get through work, classes and my clinical observation this week, maybe I'll have time again this weekend to relax! UA vs. Tennessee Saturday.... whoo! Roll Tide!
Good weekend
1:04 PM | Author: Misty
I had fun this weekend. I didn't get as much homework done as I should have. But I had fun.

Friday night Brooks, Angel and I went to see Elizabethtown. It was cute. Funny, in a weird, awkward sort of way. Altogether, I suppose I would grade it as a B.

I watched football all day Saturday. My Alabama Crimson Tide won and moved up to No. 5 in the AP poll! Sadly, USC beat Notre Dame at the last second. I was really hoping Notre Dame would pull the upset. Oh, well, at least FSU lost. Oh, and I also started raking the backyard. That's going to be a big task that will hopefully get done sometime this week.

Saturday night, Dianne, Brooks, Rebecca, Josh and I cooked dinner at our house. It was YUMMYLICIOUS! We had homegrown field peas and corn that my mom sent back with me last time I visited them, pecan chicken, cornbread, and cookies for dessert. After dinner, we carved pumpkins, which was a hecka lotta fun.

Yesterday I went to church, ate lunch at McAlister's, took a nap and went to Bible study. Then I went to Arby's. Then I came home and went to bed.

Note that there was no mention of homework anywhere in that weekend. Although to be fair I did do some research for one of my presentations this weekend. I got up this morning and put together my lesson plan for COM 451. I also put together my visual aids, which took most of my morning. Now I just have to put together the stuff for CSE 390. That shouldn't be too bad; I just have to come up with my topic.

Anyway, I'm going to work for a few hours this afternoon, then I'm going to work on some more homework, go to AY lab and come home for more homework fun. And that's all.

Peace out, yo.
Just had to post this...
10:42 AM | Author: Misty
So, I got grades back for 2 midterms and a presentation...

80 on my COM 451 midterm, 94 on my CSE 390 midterm, and 98 on my CSE 390 presentation!

Go me!!! :)
Survey thing...
3:40 PM | Author: Misty
You are a

Social Moderate
(50% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(31% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
Hooray for good mornings!
2:55 PM | Author: Misty
This morning was nice.

I slept until 9, then I got up and took as much time as I wanted to eat breakfast and have my quiet time. Got another day of my Beth Moore study done. I also finished reading Captivating and Every Woman's Battle last night. This was a nice way to start out the day. Then I chilled at the house all morning, ate lunch around 11 (yeah, I know, lunch and breakfast were really close together, but oh well) and came to work.

At work I finished up the mail-out I've been working on, updated our newsletter database and called the printer to find out what we need to do to get the newsletter published. I kind of missed all that last time since I was in India when they actually took the newsletter to the printer.

Tonight I have a quiz in my AY 102 class. Blech. I'm not a fan of that class. I also have a midterm tomorrow in my CSE 390 class.

OK, so some more interesting facts about me:

36. I bought a violin on Ebay last night!
37. My eyes change colors -- they might be green, blue or gray, depending on the day and what kind of mood I am in.
38. I have two older sisters, a niece and a nephew, and another nephew on the way.
39. I served a 3-year term as a board member for Blue Lake Chrysalis, a retreat I am active with.
40. I have spent two summers of my life in the Washington DC area because my dad was working there (he is a roofing superintendent).
41. I have spent an additional summer of my life in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee working at a summer camp.
42. I want to one day own a Canon Digital Rebel (camera).
43. I think my least favorite color is University of Tennessee orange.
44. I collect elephants. I only have about 5 so far, but every time I travel somewhere overseas, I buy a couple.
45. I have been considering taking up painting.
An OK weekend
10:47 PM | Author: Misty
My weekend was OK.

Friday night was not the fun night it was supposed to be. Mary called an hour before we were supposed to go to Birmingham and said nobody else could go but that everybody wants to go next weekend. So, at 5:45 on Friday night, I sat in my bathroom and cried because I got to sit at home by myself yet again on a Friday night. I felt sorry for myself for about 30 minutes, then decided I would not have a bad Friday night just because everyone bailed on me. So I cleaned my room and then watched What Not to Wear. Then Abe invited me over to watch Charade with him and Stuart. I went, and I was glad I did.

Yesterday I just kinda chilled at the house, watched football and did a little yard work. I hung out with Dianne at the Ice Cream Club for a little bit and ate a Milo's cheeseburger, then I went with Josh, Rebecca and Holly to see Batman Begins for free at the Ferg.

I got up today around 8 and got ready for church. I sang with Rusty Selman and his band today (they led worship). I liked them... sounded good, and Rusty seems like a really nice guy. After church, Rebecca, Josh, Brooks and I went to O'Charleys, which was really good as always. Then I came home and took a nap. Ah, nap. After that, I put together some stuff for Bible study tonight and then headed over to the Ferg. I sang tonight, too, with Josh Gillis and his band. Good stuff. We went to Arby's after Bible study, so I just got home from that.

No lists tonight... my brain doesn't want to.
Feels like fall!
2:33 PM | Author: Misty
Hooray! It's 62 degrees outside, and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it! Wow, such a nice change from the 90-degree weather we've been having.

So I think I'm going to stay home tomorrow and just enjoy the day here. I would like to go to Tennessee, but I can be more productive at home and still have a good time. I had a good time last night hanging out with Chris, Dianne, Josh, Rebecca, David, Mary, Ragan, Kosta and Abe. It was good to just be around a group of folks again, because we haven't done that very much lately. The only bad thing about last night was that I was on the receiving end of some pretty immature, classless behavior (I didn't get invited to my friend's wedding shower, which was thrown by a certain ex-roommate of mine). I'm tempted to call my friend and tell her that I was sorry I didn't come but that I wasn't invited. No worries, I'm not that petty, but it is somewhat tempting.

I also got to watch Lost last night, finally. Pretty good episode, but it definitely raised more questions. I think I'm just pretty much confused now. :)

Alright, here are some more interesting facts about me, then I'm out:

26. I've had 4 different hair colors in my life: brown (natural), blonde, black and red (favorite)

27. I wear a size 10 shoe.

28. If I was good at math and science, I would be a veterinarian. Unfortunately, I am not very good at all at math and science.

29. When I finish my master's, I want to go overseas and teach for at least 2 years.

30. I really like white water rafting. I've been twice.

31. I love roller coasters.

32. I can't cut raw onions because I have a violent reaction to them. Most people's eyes get a little watery... mine start streaming tears, my eyes get red and puffy and start hurting, and I have to flush them out with water. I can hardly even stand to be in the same room as someone cutting an onion.

33. My favorite color is blue.

34. People used to ask me if I shaved my arms because the little bit of hair I have on my arms is extremely light.

35. I own an iPod.
Some more for the list...
3:02 PM | Author: Misty
OK, here are some more items for my lists of 100 facts about me:

11. I have a chronic problem in my feet that prevents me from wearing high heels.

12. I have served as a group leader and crew manager for two international mission trips.

13. I'm going to Tokyo, Japan, next summer!

14. I have had 15 roommates in college, not counting pets. Counting my initial move into a dorm my freshman year, I have moved 9 times in college (since 2001).

15. I played shooting guard for my junior high's basketball team.

16. I am a newsletter editor.

17. I was once asked to sing back-up for a famous Christian musician.

18. I have sang and/or played with three different Christian musicians with CDs. I am not on any of the CDs, and none of the artists are well-known (yet!).

19. I have met my state representatives.

20. I got asked for my autograph once by somebody I didn't know.

21. I've never been to New York City.

22. I really want to learn how to play the violin.

23. I'm extremely good at organization.

24. My bedroom is almost always messy.

25. I have two cats, Tinker and The Cheat.

That's all for now. Got some other stuff I need to attend to. But first, a few more thoughts.

I took my COM 451 midterm today, and I think I did really well (probably an A or B). I also had to give a presentation in my CSE 390 class, and it went great. The newsletter is complete, so I should be able to take it to the printer Monday. And I've gotten a good start on the mail-out. I'm having dinner with Sharon at 5, then going to Chris's for a little while to hang out before heading home and doing some homework. Tomorrow, a group of us is going to Birmingham for dinner and to see Proof. I'm excited! I'm still toying with the idea of driving to Tennessee Saturday. I have a lot of stuff I could be doing, but I also would really like to have a day for myself. And I could take homework with me. Hmm... decisions.
The beginning of the list...
4:32 PM | Author: Misty
OK, so I've been inspired to make a list of 100 facts about myself. I just read this on somebody else's blog and thought it would be kinda fun, even if I only do a few things at a time. Who knows, somebody might learn something... :)

1. I am right-handed.
2. I do not wear contacts or glasses. In fact, my eyesight was slightly better than 20/20 last time I got it checked.
3. I have never had any type of surgery.
4. I've never had the chicken pox.
5. I was valedictorian of my high school class.
6. I was also captain of my high school's softball team.
7. I am finishing my B.A. in December at the University of Alabama with a dual major in communication studies and journalism.
8. I took the MAT Monday.
9. I really, really like Diet Cherry Coke.
10. I play guitar.

OK, that's all for now. I'm sure these will get more interesting as I run out of the run-of-the-mill stuff to share.

Today has been a good day. I was productive this morning, studying for about 3 hours before I came to work. At work, I started on the AQA flier. It's going to be more work than I thought, but I like the way it's looking so far. Hoping to have that mailed out by sometime next week.

I have class tonight, and I need to try to get somebody to tape Lost for me...
4:46 PM | Author: Misty
So I think I did OK on my MAT. They gave me a preliminary scaled score, but it's really hard to interpret. The score is on a scale of 200-600, with 400 being the average. I made a 444. But assuming that "average" means 50th percentile, then I'm golden, because that's what I have to make to get into the secondary education master's program.

So after I took the test yesterday, I got a flat tire on the way home. I called roadside assistance. So I'm sitting in the parking lot behind Calvary with my poor flat-tired car and this guy drives up in an old silver hatchback. He stops, gets out and asks me if I'm the one with the flat tire. Very strange. I swear, he looked just like David Crowder -- he had the goatee (or crowder, if you prefer), crazy hair, and he was really skinny. Well, he finally gets my spare tire put on, and I slowly drive home.

Well, by that time, it was really too late to go get a new tire put on, so I decided I would wait until today. I had class at 7 last night, so I got Mary to take me because I didn't want to drive on my spare tire any more than absolutely necessary. Well, class ended really early, and I had told Mary that I would ride home with Josh and Rebecca, who were planning to leave campus around the time I should have gotten out of class. So, I called Josh and told him I would just walk home. And that I did. It's probably only about a mile, but it was about 8:30 by the time I got going. Ah, well, good exercise, if nothing else.

This morning I woke up and decided that it would be best for me to take the car straight to Wal-Mart and get the tire changed because I wasn't sure how long the spare would hold up. So I missed my 8 a.m. class because I had to take my car to get a new tire. They ended up changing all 4 tires and changing the oil, wiper blades, filter, etc. So much for a low credit card bill next month. But at least all that is taken care of, and I don't have to worry about it again until January. I have decreed that I will do my best to service my car closer to the times recommended. I was almost a year overdue for this service. Not a good thing.

So after that I went to work and decided that I would miss my 12:30 class, too, so that I could make up the hours I missed this morning at work because of my car. I'm trying to get the newsletter to the printer this week, so I'm a little busier than normal.

Tonight I think I will cook, study and (hopefully) go work out. I get to sleep in tomorrow because my 11 a.m. class is canceled, so maybe I will go to the Rec late.
12:54 PM | Author: Misty
I take the MAT in less than 2 hours. Holy cow!

I really hope I do well on it. I haven't studied as much as I would have liked. I studied a fair amount during the summer, but I just got too busy when school started. Well, I'll take it today and will find out in a couple of weeks if I have to take it again. Prayers are appreciated. I have to make at least a 50, but I really would love to make a 70. Yeah, high expectations.

So, Alabama is now ranked #7 in the AP poll. Wow! Talk about a jump! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of this season plays out.

Oh, another bit of good news: The school where I am doing my clinical observations is out for fall break all next week, so I will have the week off from that. This is a good thing, because midterms are here, and I have a couple of tests and projects and presentations coming up pretty soon.

Also a good thing: I had the best time with God yesterday. I went out to the dam on Lake Nicol and sat on a big rock overlooking the water and just spent some time in the Word and worshiping. It was great. I totally lost track of time, and it didn't matter.

Lighthouse was good last night, too. But anyway, that's all I have to say. I'm about to go eat lunch.
This was our day
10:06 PM | Author: Misty
Certainly there are moments in the life of a college student that are tucked away in a special category called "memorable."

And today was certainly one of those memories.

Today the 15th-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide showed incredible heart against a formidable opponent - the #5 Florida Gators. It was the most amazing game I have experienced in my five years of attending games at Bryant-Denny Stadium. And with a football tradition like ours, that's saying something.

The Tide dominated from the get-go, scoring 17 points in the 1st quarter and holding Florida to a mere field goal. It was the first time one of Urban Meyer's teams has not crossed the goal line.

We played like champions today. Those crimson-clad men gave the fans something to cheer about, and the fans certainly returned the favor, cheering louder and more fervently than any other crowd I remember seeing at Bryant-Denny.

So regardless of what happens the rest of the season, we know what it feels like to be champions. We know what it feels like to be so excited and proud and victorious that it seems your heart can barely contain all those feelings. We caught a glimpse of what it really means to be a part of the Crimson Tide tradition - a winning tradition that has covered many years and many great coaches like Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and Gene Stallings.

And the greatest thing is, this is the here and the now. Monday the players will hit the field, the most adament fans will have washed off the red and white paint that covered their bodies, the students will return to class.

But tonight we celebrate. Because today was our day. We were champions.
Roll Tide!
7:07 PM | Author: Misty
We just beat Florida, the #5 team in the country, 31-3 at Bryant Denny. What a great feeling. More later...