An OK weekend
10:47 PM | Author: Misty
My weekend was OK.

Friday night was not the fun night it was supposed to be. Mary called an hour before we were supposed to go to Birmingham and said nobody else could go but that everybody wants to go next weekend. So, at 5:45 on Friday night, I sat in my bathroom and cried because I got to sit at home by myself yet again on a Friday night. I felt sorry for myself for about 30 minutes, then decided I would not have a bad Friday night just because everyone bailed on me. So I cleaned my room and then watched What Not to Wear. Then Abe invited me over to watch Charade with him and Stuart. I went, and I was glad I did.

Yesterday I just kinda chilled at the house, watched football and did a little yard work. I hung out with Dianne at the Ice Cream Club for a little bit and ate a Milo's cheeseburger, then I went with Josh, Rebecca and Holly to see Batman Begins for free at the Ferg.

I got up today around 8 and got ready for church. I sang with Rusty Selman and his band today (they led worship). I liked them... sounded good, and Rusty seems like a really nice guy. After church, Rebecca, Josh, Brooks and I went to O'Charleys, which was really good as always. Then I came home and took a nap. Ah, nap. After that, I put together some stuff for Bible study tonight and then headed over to the Ferg. I sang tonight, too, with Josh Gillis and his band. Good stuff. We went to Arby's after Bible study, so I just got home from that.

No lists tonight... my brain doesn't want to.
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