I've become lax...
1:03 PM | Author: Misty
So, I started my list of 100 interesting things, and I haven't added any for a while... I think I'm on #36, so here it goes again.

36. I have several current family nicknames, including Lulu, Puddin', Dumplin' and Miss.
37. I have several former family nicknames, including Poopsie and Mickey.
38. Almost everyone I know calls me by my first and last name, together.
39. I enjoy watching dance performances, and I like ballet the best.
40. I have double-jointed toes in my right foot.
41. I bite my finger nails.
42. I LOVE fried okra. And if you don't know what that is, I am really sorry for you.
43. Je parle francais... un petit peu. (I speak French... a little bit.)
44. It is very hard to make me angry.
45. I own a washer and dryer (the reason this makes the list is because it was my first major appliance purchase, and I am still in college! and I already paid them off).

So, anyway, I observed at Echols today. It was good. I'm about halfway done with my observation now. Holly, Jessica and I are going to watch Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre tonight; I'm excited about that. Should be lots o'fun. I'm also really excited that Good Night, and Good Luck is now playing at the Cobb. I'll probably see it sometime this weekend.
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On 12:20 PM, November 05, 2005 , Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a nerd! =) J/K. Good job on school grades. Love ya girl. YES, I do call you "MistyBell" just because its easy and rolls off my tongue. <3