Good days are here...
6:58 PM | Author: Misty
I got my official acceptance letter to the UA grad school today. I'm happy. :)

I registered for my first graduate classes today. My schedule looks pretty good, if it stays the way it is. I'm taking a CSE class that meets on Saturdays; it only meets about 5 or 6 times during the semester. I'm taking another CSE class that meets Tuesdays 5-8:30, and I'm taking an English prose class that meets Wednesdays from 2-4:30. Pretty decent schedule, I think.

I'm definitely procrastinating right now. I was planning to go to a make-up AY 102 class tonight, but the weather is supposed to get really bad tonight, so I decided to just chill at home and work on my paper that's due tomorrow. Yeah, I am obviously doing a lot of work on that right now... Seriously, though, I've got my articles all printed and have almost finished reading the last one, highlighting along the way. I'm writing about communities of learners for my BEP 305 (educational psychology) class. The paper is only 3-4 pages, so it shouldn't take too long, hopefully.

Well, maybe I won't get blown away tonight. I'm going to get back to work on my paper.
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On 12:55 PM, November 16, 2005 , Renagade80 said...

Congrats on Grad School, hope ya survived being blown away ;)