Ah, the weekend!
12:55 PM | Author: Misty
The weekend is so close, I can taste it.

Actually, I'm just tasting Diet Cherry Coke. But the weekend is close, and I'm excited! I'm leaving town in about an hour to head to the parents' house. I'll be there all weekend. Tomorrow a.m. I get to go take the Praxis test, then it's off to the Iron Bowl with my dad! I really hope we win. Sunday we are having family Thanksgiving, so that means I'll get to eat lots of yummy, yummy food this weekend. I'll probably also end up bringing back some leftovers, which is always nice.

I'm really excited that the Thanksgiving break is finally upon us. It's going to be nice to just kick back and relax, watch some movies, maybe do some leisurely reading. I'm working at Old Navy Friday and Saturday, but that won't be too bad, hopefully. I actually don't have to close on Friday night, which I was kind of surprised about, because they had told me I would have to count drawers. Guess they changed their minds. :)

I cleaned my car last night and today. Yes, it was that bad. It looks a whole lot better now, and it smells better, too. I also straightened my room a bit this morning, because it was a disaster zone. It's still messy, but I'm not ashamed for people to see it now.

Well, I guess I'm going to get back to counting down the minutes until I get to leave. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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