Tornadoes and homework
8:53 PM | Author: Misty
So, we are getting all the leftovers from Hurricane Rita. This afternoon has been loads of fun.

Best I can tell, we've had somewhere around 4 or 6 tornadoes in county; at least that's what the news people said. There was a big one that touched down about 10-15 miles north of here and did a little damage. Thankfully everything so far has gone north or west of here. The RADAR looks like we're in for some more fun weather tonight, though.

So, upon sitting down to do some homework tonight, I've realized that I'm a little behind. I've got 4 or 5 chapters to read for my CSE 390 class and a couple to read for COM 451. I finished reading one chapter, so I rewarded myself with a 10-minute break. I also need to resume studying for the MAT since I'm taking it in a couple of weeks.

I really want to buckle down and do all this stuff. I need discipline.

On a happy note, I feel a lot better. My ear is almost back to normal, and I'm just a little congested.

My CSE 390 clinical placement officially starts tomorrow. I'm not too worried about it. I'm mostly going to be observing for now. I looked over the teacher's handbook that Mrs. Case sent home with me, so I kind of have an idea of what kind of school I'm going into, at least.

Well, my 10 minutes is up, so it's back to studying for me.
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