Blahdee blah
10:51 AM | Author: Misty
So I mentioned before (I think) that my sinuses were giving me problems. Well, I woke up yesterday feeling HORRIBLE. I was extremely congested, and my left ear and jaw hurt REALLY badly. I decided to go ahead to the doctor, who told me that I had a really bad ear infection. I got medicine and am feeling somewhat better today, but I didn't get to go to Chrysalis.

I pretty much rested at home all day yesterday, and I'll likely do the same today. I might watch a movie. I'll probably do some homework. Or maybe I'll wait until tomorrow to do that. I've got time.

On a high note, I bought some mango-peach salsa at Target yesterday when I went to stock up for the illness (I was just supposed to buy soup, but I decided to go ahead and stock up on sandwich and snack stuff, too). The salsa's really good.

OK, my nose is running, so I'm going to end here and go get a Kleenex.
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