12:32 AM | Author: Misty
I love being able to sleep in until 11:30.

I really didn't mean to sleep that late this morning, but like I told Abe last night before I went to bed, "I'm going to go sleep until I wake up." That time just happened to be 11:30. I think my body really enjoyed the extra rest.

So when I finally got up, Rebecca had already started on the housework. I'm afraid I wasn't really very helpful for the most part. We went to Wal-Mart and got the stuff we needed, but we forgot to get the push broom for our yardwork, so we are going to have to do that tomorrow. We also went by Pier One, where we didn't buy anything, and we went to Dollar General (I bought picture frames) and Hobby Lobby (we bought a key-holder and a cute picture thing). We also bought a snowcone maker at Wal-Mart. We probably spent more time in Hobby Lobby than we should have, but we had fun.

We also hung up pictures and decorative stuff in our house today. It looks fantastic! We still have some stuff to get in place, but it looks really good so far, if a little eclectic. For example, in the living room, we have a big cutout of Darth Vader (that one's temporary, because it belongs to Rebecca's boyfriend Josh), a "Welcome" sign that I painted, a tapestry from India, a window-pane mirror, a cute little picture (the one we bought from Hobby Lobby today) of three girls hugging, a cross-stitched picture that says "A friend loveth at all times", and a key-holder (Hobby Lobby) with coffee on it. Rebecca also got the slip covers on the couches today, so our living room is looking really nice. Additionally, we finally changed the light bulbs in the living room ceiling fan, so we don't have to turn on two lamps for the room to be well-lit any more.

Tonight, Rebecca, Abe and I went to get sushi at Bento. It was pretty good, but I accidentally ordered the wrong thing... I meant to order Sunday Morning Rolls, which was one space below the Super Tiger Rolls that I ordered. I also got California Rolls. Rebecca got Yummy Yummy Rolls, and they were amazingly good. They had just about everything you could possibly imagine in them. After we ate, we went and watched Finding Nemo with Dianne (and had ice cream - Blue Bell Vanilla, it was fantastic!).

Well, I'm looking forward to the rest of my weekend. Time for bed now.
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