I read this before I left for India and thought it was amazing. I read it again today for the first time since coming back from India, and even more now I can see the truth in it.

"It is so humbling to be here. Seeing this poverty and oppression, which is so incredibly severe, leads me to the thinking, 'I understand why God would love these people, why Jesus would die for them. They are the poor, the sick, the weak. I am a selfish, comparatively rich, white American who owns a house, eats too much, and has issues with doubt and pride.' It is so much easier to believe that Jesus loves them and not me. But God IS so good, and He loves me too. That is what I'm finding the most unbelievable about this whole trip. I pray that I don't forget it."

--Andy Osenga of Caedmon's Call, on India

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On 7:31 AM, October 15, 2005 , Anonymous said...

Ya Misty !
India ia not as developed as ur amrica .. Their is still proverty amoung the peoples .. But we still know how leave happily in every situation of life .. even without the Money .. That u american have in Loots .. God's love is not only for poor peoples or not only for Rich peoples .. He loves those who are rich by their hearts ... & u will find looots of peoples in India ...