Ranch Wheat Thins are from God
3:47 PM | Author: Misty

I have had a semi-productive day at work. Got some design work done and wrote an article for the upcoming newsletter. Also have been dealing with some people in Birmigham that are supposed to send info for the project I was helping out with... they were supposed to send it yesterday, but I found out today that apparently they haven't even looked at it yet. Oh, well.

I'm going grocery shopping after work. Gonna get some YUMMY food so that I don't spend so much money on eating out. I actually cooked last night and was very proud of myself, because I really just wanted to go pick something up. I made green beans with feta cheese in butter and soy sauce (SO good) and teriyaki noodles. Yes, a random combination, but they were things I already had at the house. I need to cook the things I already have there, too, but I definitely have to pick up some things.

This week is a little busy. Gotta pick up groceries tonight, then having dinner with Lynsey and Cary, tomorrow I have to meet our landlord to hand over the rent and then have small group at 8, Thursday I am meeting with Sharon, who was the office manager for India and is going to be discipling/mentoring me, for the first time, then I have praise practice at 7. Maybe Friday will be a nice, normal night where I can just relax a little... *fingers crossed*.

Anyway, that's all for now.
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On 9:24 PM, August 02, 2005 , Christina said...

Recommendation: Coupons, coupons... and a grocery store that doubles them. That way you can save on groceries for an extra night of eating out for dinner or other fun. =o)