2:55 PM | Author: Misty
I officially lost my mind. I mean, signed up to take the MAT on October 3. And found out I have to take the Praxis II. And changed my entire class schedule.

So, yeah, I'm taking the MAT in like 6 weeks. I feel extraordinarily underprepared at this point. I'm just going to study like crazy and pray like crazier. I met with a guy from the College of Education and found out that I have to take some prerequisite classes to start my master's in secondary education; however, if I pass the Praxis II on November 19, I only have to take three prereq classes as opposed to 10 or 11. So I changed my schedule so I could take those classes this semester. I'm taking three secondary education classes, an educational psychology class and an English class on Shakespeare. It's gonna be an extremely interesting semester.

This afternoon I have to go move all my stuff that I left at the old house I moved from earlier this summer. I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but at least I have a couple guys that are going to help me move furniture. I'm going home to change after work, then I'll start moving all my smaller stuff that'll fit in my car. Cary is supposed to come help at 6:30, and I'm hoping Abe will be able to help, too. Hmm... maybe Kosta would be willing to help, too.
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