So a slight change of pace in my last entry or two: Brevity.

I had almost forgotten what it means.

Paris Hilton got out of jail today, and it was the top story on CNN. Clearly this is the most newsworthy thing that has happened in the world in the past 24 hours.

Ashley and I cooked dinner last night. We made some long grain and wild rice, squash and onions and yummy chicken with mushrooms and onions. It was all delicious. We also indulged in some cheap wine (Arbor Mist, whoo) that tasted like Cherry 7up. And then I went to bed around 10. This made for a good night.

Oh! And I found someone that wants to buy the dresser that's been sitting in my storage shed for two years! That's an easy $100. I think I might put it into my Mac fund, if I don't have to use it for moving purposes. I'm trying to declutter/simplify a bit before I move, and that was definitely a good first step.

That's about it! I'm also working on some of my freelance stuff today. Hooray for making moneys!
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