I one you.
10:32 PM | Author: Misty
This week was so good that I didn't even want to come back to Tuscaloosa.

I spent time with the fam. I spent time with the boyfriend.

I miss the fam. And I really miss the boyfriend. :(

Chrysalis ended up being great. Bobby and I had dinner in Enterprise last night after I got done and ended up hanging out until almost 1 a.m. I was exhausted and more than a little delirious, which made for a pretty fun evening. We had some great conversation, too, though.

I can already say that long distance is going to be hard.

I have to go back to work tomorrow for the first time in over a week. Not looking forward to that. But I only have two more months before I am free of APC forever! And I am definitely looking forward to that. Now to find a new job...

Anyway, that's the short update.

(That's us. :))
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On 6:03 AM, June 05, 2007 , Anonymous said...

i miss you too. --Kettle