How now, brown... couch?
11:50 AM | Author: Misty
Well, the first week back at work hasn't been so bad. The new guy is actually pretty good at this stuff, but he still has lots of questions, so I've been able to keep reasonably busy so far.

Have I mentioned that long distance stinks?

Kettle and I have been talking a lot by phone, which is good, but I definitely miss the hugs and kisses and just being able to see each other. I guess that's definitely better than being apart and not missing him! And as Barbara pointed out, it's better than not having anyone to miss, too.

So, for Kettle, here's a (corny) list:

10 things I like about you:
1. You make me laugh so hard that I snort.
2. You are letting me see the real you.
3. Dimples. Seriously.
4. You're very gentle.
5. We can go from laughing hysterically to really serious in a heartbeat.
6. You persist in tickling me, even though I say that I don't like it.
7. Nose ... not nose.
8. When I read the stuff you write, you expect me to actually critique it and not just tell you I love it because I'm your girlfriend.
9. You have what might be the cutest dog ever.
10. You make me feel good. And you feel like home.

This cheesy moment was brought to you by the number 1. :)

OK, so moving on... a few other random tidbits from my life that might be of interest.

I had a dream last night that I went to a clothing store and got really tempted to buy new clothes. I don't remember all the details, just that I went shopping with someone else and ended up finding something that I really, really loved. So I took it up to the register, regretfully and feeling awful with every step. As soon as I handed it to the cashier, I said, "I can't buy this. I'm so sorry." She wanted to know why, so I told her that I gave up buying clothes for a year, so I was not going to break that just because I found something I liked. Yeah, it was an interesting dream.

I've been doing some debating with myself about how far the Year should go. I pretty much have decided that buying make-up and stuff like hair ties is OK. I don't generally splurge on either of those anyway, but I definitely can't live without hair ties, and I lose them really frequently.

Softball was a lot of fun Tuesday night. I went 3-for-4, and Kettle couldn't make fun of me for that. We won by a lot and play again at 7:15 tonight.

The only downside of softball lately has been that my tendinitis is flaring up again, which makes batting and some fielding a little more difficult. I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, so hopefully that'll take care of it. I just hope I don't have to get another two shots in my hand! :(

I definitely overslept this morning. Oops. I completely forgot to set my alarm before I fell asleep last night.

I have the house to myself now (with the exception of the cats). I had considered living with a roommate next year, but I think I'm going to be pretty spoiled after this summer. I need to get more on the ball with the job hunting, because I need to find an apartment, wherever I end up. I've looked at a lot of listings, but I have only applied for a handful. I really need to get clips together so I can send stuff in to some newspapers.

Oh, and I almost forgot! A big group of us from Vineyard went to Mugshots last night after they all finished up with rehearsal. Oh, how I missed those wonderful, wonderful burgers! I hadn't been to Mugshots in months. I was disappointed to find that they have changed their fries, though. They are similar, but not quite as good. Still, it was delicious! And we all ordered milkshakes (finally! the Junie MooMoo Mug Shake has been conquered!). It was awesome hangout time, especially after being away for a while.

That's about all I can think of for now! Bon jour!
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