'Allo? Thees ees Carrrrrlos....
12:21 PM | Author: Misty
OK, so some highlights from the weekend and some for this week:

Friday afternoon while I was driving home, I got a call from the place where I had the phone interview last week! We set up an on-site interview for this Friday!

Friday night I hung out with my mom.

Sarah-Grace got second runner-up in the pageant she was in, but Kettle didn't get to come because an emergency came up at work. :(

I went to my dad's fishing tournament Saturday afternoon. And redneckery abounded. My aunt and uncle played and sang, and my mom scolded me for laughing at them. I didn't stay for too long, but my dad was really glad I came, so it was worth suffering through the heat and all the questions from relatives I hadn't seen in a while.

Saturday evening, Kettle met me in Dothan, where I had gone after the fishing tournament to buy a Father's Day present. We went to Mikata, the Japanese steakhouse, and he impressed me with his chopstick skills. We ordered sushi, and it was OK; I got sukiyaki steak, and it was good. It had been a while since I had it. We talked religion and politics ... that's another thing I like about Kettle. We can talk about that kind of stuff like sane adults, even when we disagree. And it's even an intelligent conversation (I know, surprising when I'm involved...).

After Mikata, we went to the mall, where I put in to ride the carousel ... so we did! I'm certain we looked like complete idiots, but it was so much fun! The attendant asked if we were married or just dating. Then Kettle bought me coffee, and I told him he was batting three-for-three for the evening. He found a Father's Day gift for his dad, then we headed to Enterprise, where I encountered his ginormous television for the first time. It's HUGE! We had fun the rest of the evening, although he had to drive me back to Dothan to my car.

I spent Sunday with my dad, and it was good. I drove back to Tuscaloosa Sunday night.

Yesterday I came back to work, which was blah, and I worked on my portfolio after work. I think it's pretty much ready to go. I'm trying really hard not to freak out about my interview Friday. As several friends have pointed out, once I have done my preparations, it's out of my hands. No use panicking.

The rest of this week will be spent working, cleaning my house for Kettle's visit this weekend and doing what I can to prepare for my interview.

I'm heading down to south Alabama either Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and my mom is going to buy me a new shirt for my interview. Kettle is cooking dinner for me Thursday night. I'm going to look at apartments Friday after my interview, and then I get to meet his parents! He's nervous. I told him he shouldn't be. After that we'll be heading back to T-town.

So that's the update! Hopefully I'll have good reports to share at the end of the week!
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