Ah, so much to say, so little time.

The past week has been excessively interesting.

I had coffee with Anneliese and Margaret Ila last Thursday. On the way to have coffee, I spotted this crazy guy in a black-and-white camouflage bucket hat, white pants and a jersey walking/running down the middle of the road. As I swerved around El Loco, I noticed that he was making his way toward a woman in a white car who was sporadically pulling backward and forward. She looked angry. He was shouting. There was a gray backpack on the ground behind the car. I continued driving to Bad Ass, where I met up with my friends.

As I was standing in line with Anneliese, she proclaimed, "I have to tell you about these crazy people at my apartment complex!" So she goes on to tell me about how, as she was cleaning out her car earlier in the evening, this woman came running out of one of the other apartments, jumped in a car and took off in a huff. As she was speeding out of the parking lot, a man ran out after her, shouting, "Can I at least get my backpack?" He was wearing a black-and-white camouflage bucket hat, white pants and a jersey. Yeah, same people.

We eventually figured out that the woman was actually running back and forth over his backpack. Anneliese reports that she hasn't seen them since. Not sure if I should be concerned...

As we sipped on our coffee, the topic of Mr. Cod also came up. Mr. Cod is the church that is moving into the same building as Vineyard, where I go to church. Mr. Cod is Ministry of Reconciliation Church of Deliverance. We decided that we really should write a book about the crazy couple and Mr. Cod. It would be a best-seller. We would have a soundtrack.

In other news, my car decided on Monday that she hates me.

My front driver's side tire has been deflating steadily for a couple weeks. I added air to it a couple of times, but I think driving to Montgomery on Saturday was the final straw for it. It was fairly flat Sunday after church, but I figured I would just air it up at the gas station on Monday morning, then get it patched/replaced.

Alas, this was not to be.

When I got up Monday morning, the tire was as flat as it could be. Thankfully, I had e-mailed my boss Sunday night to let her know I would be taking a half-day off on Monday. So I sat in my car and called my roadside assistance, then I got out of the car, locked it, and slammed the door shut - with my keys still sitting on the seat.

The feeling of knowing that your keys are still in the car as the door shuts is the worst.

I went back up the my house and rattled the door handle, in hopes that I had either forgotten to lock it or that by some fluke it would magically open for me anyway. I circled the house, looking for a window that I could climb through, knowing that if I could just get into my bedroom, I could grab my spare car key and my problem would be solved. No luck.

Finally, I had to call Chris to get him to track down Dianne, who has a spare key to our house. He was still half asleep, and Dianne was already at work, so this led to lots of extra time between when I called and when I actually got the key. At some point during all this, the auto repair guy, who looked amazingly like a pirate ('do-rag, earrings, scruffy facial hair), appeared to put my spare tire on for me - except that he couldn't get the spare tire out of my trunk because I didn't have the key. The Pirate made the best of the situation and attempted to resuscitate my dead-as-a-doornail tire with his air pump. It did not work.

Finally Chris arrived with my house key, and I was able to get my spare car key and get the spare tire on. It was a heck of a morning.

I'm seriously looking forward to some time off and away. I have to work a half-day tomorrow, then I am off until June 5. I'm going to visit my parents. I'll attend my cousin's graduation, hang out with that guy that just won't leave me alone [;)], spend time with my family, go to a Chrysalis meeting and the actual Chrysalis and probably take some photos somewhere along the way.

Hooray for time off!
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