Weekend fun times
3:42 PM | Author: Misty
Had a great weekend.

Friday night I hung out with Abe and a bunch of his friends. We ate salad and lots and lots of fish. It was super yummy. Then we went and saw Chronicles of Narnia, which was FANTASTIC! Saturday was a pretty non-exciting day. I slept through most of it, then got up and went to Jessica's APO Holiday Spectacular. More good times there. This group of theatre students had 24 hours to put together (write, direct, cast, rehearse) a Christmas spectacular. It turned out to be hilarious! Much fun.

Yesterday I went to church, had lunch at the Creitz's and then took another long nap. I slept in today, too. I like sleep.

Today I've been at work for most of the day. Got a lot done on the newsletter. Tonight I have to study for my COM 451 final. And watch Gauntlet II. :)
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