Definitely gonna go with the latter. Even working 9-5 every day, I am really enjoying the fact that it is summer.

I went out to the arboretum yesterday afternoon and took a hike with Jesus. We chatted. I thought about Charlie Hall's lyrics, "And as we talked I was speechless, for my heart pounded. And as we walked a little while, I knew that I'd been found. Here I am no more disguised, no longer blinded. I see it clear: I am yours, I am yours! And YOU are breathtaking, and breath giving." It made me happy. I think I might go again this afternoon and take the camera this time. There are some amazing trees and flowers out there. And this really cool fort up in the trees. Definitely going to wear tennis shoes and bugscreen if I go again today!

Picking between two good options is hard. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to Atlanta this weekend and maybe get to hang out with Lauren a little bit or if I want to stay in T-town and hang out with Austin on Saturday. Then there's the wildcard option: going to visit my parents since this is the last chance I will get before I go to Tokyo (I would probably also head down to the beach on Saturday if I picked this option). Well, it's nice to have choices, even if it's tough to reach a decision!

On a different note: I don't know where my recent love of carrots has come from! I used to hate carrots, but lately I am eating them ALL the time! Hooray for carrots. I like the raw, organic ones.

Another thing I love: Singing!!! I'm rocking out with the Rent soundtrack once again.
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On 11:58 PM, June 13, 2006 , leslie said...

what up lady! Tell me what up with you. Im actually living in birmingham now which might be close to you!! word, fill me in on your life

On 12:01 AM, June 14, 2006 , leslie said...

okay im going to try this and posting dont mix. But I wanted to say hey. Nick and I are in Birmingham. So we might be close!! fill me in on your life...I want to hear all about it!!