Some more face-rocking lyrics
11:02 AM | Author: Misty
Paint me with Your purity
That I'd attract Your majesty
When others boast in fame and gold
The purest place is where I'll go

The purest place I will draw near
Do what it takes to keep me here
In the center of Your heart
The purest place is where You are

It's not with masses, not with kings
Not in these songs, or offerings
Not in this life, or what it brings
The purest place is You my King

If there's such thing as too beautiful
If there's such things as too wonderful
If there's such thing as too marvelous
Jesus it's You, Jesus it's You

It's You my King,
It's You my King
The purest place, is You my King

-The Purest Place, Watermark
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On 8:59 AM, May 17, 2006 , annie are you okay said...

Thanks for the shout-out my friend!!! how cool are you??

and once i learn how to put "friends" on my blog...your name will for surely be up there! (i'm stupid with computers though)

Well...i did watch Munich the other day...not quite The Pianist (Piano?) but sort of-ish...i have that movie though, and am planning on watching it soon...

In other "news" David Sedaris...oh, he's fabulous!!! I have several of his books, but have only read Me Talk Pretty One Day and Holidays on Ice, thus far...but i have some other ones...and i will be putting them on my list of things to read this summer!

i want to hang out with your "crew" at some point, because i think you, friend, are pretty cool!!!!