V for Vendetta
12:03 AM | Author: Misty
Saw this tonight with Josh, Anneliese and another girl whose name I can't remember. I thought it was pretty interesting. It was based on a comic, but it was a lot darker and more violent than most comic book movies. I enjoyed the numerous literary references in the movie, particularly the parallels between V and The Count of Monte Cristo. The set, especially the Gallery of Shadows (V's home), was pretty spectacular. Special effects were good; they blew up Parliament, which was impressive. Natalie Portman was amazing, and Hugo Weaving was good, too. As for the storyline, I liked it; the part of it that interests me the most was V's character, which is, I suspect, what the writers intended. The viewer never finds out who V is, and that's because, as Natalie Portman says at the end, we are all V. V didn't represent a man, he represented an idea, and "you can't kill an idea." It's probably been done before, but it was well done in this case, I think. There were some slightly cheesy elements of the movie, but altoghether, I liked it. I recommend it, unless you have a weak stomach.
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