Ah, the good stuff
1:02 AM | Author: Misty
Good times tonight with Holly and Jessica.

We went to Birmingham for dinner. We ate at a place in Hoover called Taste of Thailand; we split a noodle bowl, some spring rolls and fried rice. It was very, very good! The noodle bowl had chicken with peanut sauce, fried noodles, broccoli and carrots. We planned to go to an art show after that, but when we arrived at the gallery in downtown Birmingham, it was closed, even though someone who works there told Holly they would be open tonight. So since we were already downtown, we decided to drive on down to Five Points and try to find something else to do. We ended up at Starbucks because we were freezing and coffee sounded really good at that point. We asked the girls working the counter if they knew of anything to do, and they pointed us to a free arts events listing. So we looked through that and discovered that Taylor Hicks Band was playing at a bar in the Lakeview part of Birmingham; in case you don't know, Taylor Hicks is a current contestant on American Idol. I had heard that the band was pretty good, so we got back in the car and drove toward Lakeview, with directions from one of the Starbucks workers. After a small amount of confusion, we found the bar, then walked around for a while because the show didn't start until 10. We listed to THB for a little more than an hour; they were very good, and we had a lot of fun listening and watching people in the bar. After this, Jess and I drove home, and Holly drove to her friend's house to spend the night because she's going to a wedding tomorrow in Birmingham.

This was a really fun night. Hopefully I will have pictures to share later.
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On 11:38 PM, March 27, 2006 , jm> said...

awww, i was at work while you guys were having fun :(