Unfortunate fools
1:07 PM | Author: Misty

So, the folks that have been setting churches on fire around the state have been caught. Rednecks? No. Middle-aged has-beens? No. Hacked-off atheists or homosexuals or fill-in-the-blank with whatever anti-church stereotype you wish? No.

These idiots were college students from affluent areas of Birmingham. They said they started doing this "as a joke."

I don't think anyone else got the joke.

The Tuscaloosa News article I posted above chronicles the reactions of some Birmingham-Southern students that knew the two boys that were arrested from there. The article discusses how no one would have ever guessed that these kids would have done something like this; it talks about how they were talented actors and singers, probably on the road to great fame and happy, prosperous lives.

Well, unfortunately, the happy ending they were once promised doesn't look likely any more, and it's their own fault. It's really unfortunate that two college kids with so much ahead of them would do something so incredibly stupid.

Now their whole lives will be tainted by 9 (or possibly 10, pending a ruling in the 10th church fire in the area) nights of bad judgment.
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