Yeah, lots of random thoughts to come.

This week was spring break. I chilled in T-town the first part of the week, particularly because it was raining cats and dogs. I had lunch with Josh and Dianne at Mug Shots on Monday, and it was SOOOOO good. I also had weigh-in at Weight Watchers and found out that I have now lost a total of 15 pounds, so hooray for that! After this, I went shopping for some new clothes because most of what I have is too big now. I got some fun shirts at Old Navy and Gap, a pair of knit gauchos from American Eagle (INCREDIBLY comfortable pants), and a pair of shoes from Payless. Tuesday I went shopping at the outlet malls in Bessemer on my way to my parents' house. I found some really fantastic pants at the Gap outlet -- a pair of cropped jeans and a pair of khaki wide-leg trousers. I also bought some more shirts, at Gap, Rue 21 and Tommy Hilfiger.

I made it home Tuesday afternoon, saw my parents for a little while, then went to eat dinner with Brittany, my friend who lives in Enterprise. We cooked, and it was GREAT! We had a lot of fun just hanging out at her apartment and catching up on life in general.

Wednesday I went to the gym with my mom so I could work out at least once this week. It was a good thing. Then we went to Dothan, where I did still more shopping. I bought a pair of brown Nine West heels for $15 and a really cute skirt at McRae's, which is changing over to Parisian and was having a HUGE sale. I also got a dress for a wedding I'm going to in May. It's very pretty (Red, sleeveless, V-neck, calf-length, flowy). It was nice to spend time with my mom and Meemaw. We ate lunch at Picadilly Cafeteria, where I had some yummy pork loin with rosemary mushroom sauce.

I hung out with Josh Mallory and his friend Jarred last night. We sat in Books-a-Million and talked for a while, then went to Josh's house and watched Lost.

Today was the day of all the occurrences mentioned in my subject line for this post. I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Bobby at noon, so I went to Ozark a little early because I wanted to walk around and take some fun photos of things around town. So Bobby called at 11 and asked if we could meet later in the afternoon. I said OK, even though I was a little annoyed, and he said he would call me when he finished up all the errands he was running. So I decided to head on to Dothan rather than going home, figuring I could waste a few hours pretty easily. I drove around for a while, ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant (I can't remember the name ... it was on 231 going toward the beach ... El Metate or something like that), bought a book at Red House Books, took a picture of a giant peanut, and had some chai tea at Dakota while I sat and read the entire book that I bought. The chai tea and the book were both pretty good (the book was Come a Stranger by Cynthia Voigt ... like I told the lady in the book store, I love being a secondary English major because it gives me an excuse to buy and read young adult literature!). By the time I finished the book, it was about 5:30, so I called Bobby and left a message. Then I went to Old Navy and killed some more time before finally calling him again and telling him that I was going to head home. I'm not really sure what to think. I dont't really think he just stood me up for no reason, so I really hope everything is OK.

Well, after all this, I was driving on my merry little way toward home, going a pretty average 60 mph on County Road 33, which has a speed limit of 40. Nobody ever goes 40 because cops are NEVER on that road -- well, not until tonight. For some reason, a state trooper was out on the road and pulled me over. Thankfully I hit the brakes before he clocked me, and I had the presence of mind to be super polite to him. He was nice, and he only gave me a warning. I was a little worried because a ticket would have really sucked!

Oh, yes, I also bought two good CDs today ... a new-ish Watermark CD and Derek Webb's CD. I'm probably going to post some thoughts on one of his songs in a little bit.

Anyway, that was my wonderful, adventurous week so far. I'm heading back to T-town tomorrow.
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