Some more photo fun!
2:12 PM | Author: Misty
Just an update on Project 365, which is still going strong!

February 12: Pretty skies and tree silhouettes!

February 13: We had crazy bad weather and tornadoes, so I took a picture of the weather on TV! :)

February 14: Keke and I shared a Valentine's dinner of homemade mac & cheese.

February 15: This tree on the UA campus got a little confused because it's been so warm lately. But it made some really pretty flowers!

February 16: Ah, the giroussomer. This picture is a combination of the last three prophetic words I have gotten at church (they had to do with giraffes, mice, and massagers).

February 17: Happiness! I finally got Captivating back after loaning it out several months ago.

February 18: The Quitt's, Keke, Rob, Chuck and I went to IHOP after Prophetic Night. Sydney and Connor kept occupied with their coloring sheets.

February 19: The night we made the impossibly good chicken. And watched Heroes. And ate princess cupcakes.

February 20: National Pancake Day! Keke made pancakes for both of us for dinner. Yummy!
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On 8:12 AM, February 22, 2007 , TheNewKidd said...

What an awesome thing to have flowers bloom in the winter! It has been FREEZING up here, but FINALLY we have some 50's, praise the Lord! I started taking pictures for my 365 project...I hope I can do it!

On 12:05 AM, March 31, 2008 , Kerr said...

Do you have the recipe for Impossibly Good Chicken? Love to have it! Thanks!