A decision ... among other things
3:40 PM | Author: Misty
I'm tired of school, so I am quitting.

Not right now. But in August, I am. I started the secondary education M.A. program in January 2006. Around October/November 2006, I decided that I did not want to teach and began looking into getting a master's in marriage and family therapy. I met with professors and talked with lots of people and prayed about it some and decided to give it a shot this semester to see how I felt about it. And I do like it, but I'm so burnt out on school that I can't imagine going three more years for anything right now. I've been in school so long that I can't even fathom life without class and homework and meetings with professors and duking it out for a parking spot on campus. That life sounds so incredibly appealing.

I kind of came to this conclusion last week when I was really sick. The doctor said it was just a sinus infection, but I've never been that sick with something like that before. The conclusion I drew was that my body was pretty much trying to tell me something: That I am stressed out and not really going anywhere right now, and I need a change. So I (with permission from the doctor, thankfully) took a few days off work and school last week to recuperate from the nasty sickness. I decided to drop one of my classes this semester and to stick with my current job through the summer because it pays pretty well and will allow me to take off time for traveling during May, June and July. As of August, I will be looking for a "real" job, although I'm not even sure what that will mean for me. I'm going to pray and search and be as patient as I can afford to be in hopes that I will find something I will love. I'm going to take at least a semester away from school; I might return in January or August of 2008, but I honestly haven't planned that far ahead yet.

In other news, I'm so happy being at the Vineyard, the church I attend. Seriously, God brought me there, and He has blessed me so much with friends and opportunities to lead and grow. I got a note and a gift card yesterday from my pastor just saying thanks for everything I do and for helping out with worship. It was completely unexpected, and it was really nice to just be told thanks.

Nothing else too exciting. Ashley, Benji, Keke and I had dinner and played Wii last night. I remembered why I never need to buy a game system... it's WAAAAAAY too much fun. I'll definitely settle for just playing their's every now and again.

I'm still going strong with Project 365, but I'm going to wait at least a few more days before posting new pictures. I got a few good ones this morning because it's a BEAUTIFUL day. I really wish I could go sit on the Quad instead of being at work, but I have to make up hours from last week when I was sick, so I can't afford to take off early any days this week. Maybe I'll take a blanket and a book out there tomorrow morning before I come in to work... hmm. This sounds like a promising idea, for sure. Oh, and if you want to see any of my photos in the meantime (or the tons and tons of photos that I've taken but am not using for Project 365), you can visit my Flickr page.

Tonight is girls' night and Heroes. We are cooking some YUMMY chicken and couscous. I'm excited.

That's all.
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On 5:21 PM, February 26, 2007 , Barbara said...

Hey Misty! You are quitting school eh? You know what, I say live life to God's fullest no matter what, so if your fullest right now is not school, then so be it, and find out what will be. God will provide for you in His time and in His way!

I started the 365 and then feel into a 103 degree fever stupor for 4 days so now I am a little behind. I will have to see if I can start it up again...

I hope you have a good day girl!