Just a few quick notes... :)
1:10 PM | Author: Misty
This one will probably be a random compilation of all the thoughts that are running through my head from the past 3 weeks or so, but I will try to keep it brief and not completely nonsensical...


I went home for Christmas, and it was good. Spent lots of time with the family, got some fun Christmas presents (an iTrip and Gilmore Girls DVDs were some of the faves).


I went to Shreveport with my dad for the Independence Bowl. It was interesting. We had some good conversations, and I actually was glad that I went. We also at some good, Cajun seafood. Alabama lost, but it was a good game. We almost saw a brawl in the stadium (as it was, we saw a guy get tackled by about 4 security guards).


Keke and I went to Passion Jan. 1-4, and it was amazing, of course. I don't think I can sum it up in a blog post. The worship was great. The speakers were fantastic. I'm in love with Christy Nockels (even more than before). Tim Hughes and John Piper were probably my favorites.

Back in T-Town

And, finally, I made it back to T-town on Jan. 4. It's nice to be home. I've been spending some time with Rob (I missed him while I was out of town!). We went and saw a movie the other night - Children of Men, it was really good. I also got to hang out with Holly and Ashley Friday night, which was really great. Yummy Italian food! I started back to work today, and I can definitely tell that I have been gone for a few weeks! I've got a lot of stuff to work on!

So, that's the very brief update. I think I'm cooking for Rob tonight. The rest of the week will pretty much be consumed by work and classes starting back up. Ashley's birthday is Saturday; I need to get her a present. We are supposed to go out for margaritas because it's her 21st, and we all loooooooove Los Tarascos. I'm also excited about my birthday coming up in a few weeks. :)
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