La di da...
8:19 PM | Author: Misty
This weekend was good. We ate at Applebee's on Saturday night, waited a really long time and Josh and Rebecca got their food for free. Then we watched Primer, and I didn't understand most of it. Sunday I went to Abe's for the first half of the Super Bowl and to Jonathan's, Matt's and Ryan's house for the second half. Abe made tortilla soup, and it was SO good. I also watched Grey's Anatomy for the first time, and now I think I will be buying season one on DVD.

Today I got my car serviced, joined Weight Watchers, worked out, went to a meeting for CSE 563 and cooked dinner. If you want to read more about my diet, you can check out my new blog. I'm really desiring to lose weight so that I can be healthy.
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