I had such a fantastic birthday! I spent most of the day shopping and treated myself to lunch. I bought a birthday outfit ($20 skirt from NY&Co - really cute; black tank and knit shawl from Old Navy) and a pair of green Saucony's that were on sale for $25 at Buckle. I had Chinese food for lunch. I also bought myself a new TV for my bedroom with the money my parents sent. Then I hung around at the house until it was time to go to my party at Cancun (local Mexican restaurant). The party was so much fun, thanks to my roommates who got it all together. We were so incredibly loud, and we all had crazy party hats and noisemakers. Josh and Rebecca gave me an iTunes gift card, which was awesome. Katie H. made me a necklace and a beanie, which I love. Jess got me some Lost memorabilia and some gourmet hot cocoa, Dianne gave me flowers, and Abe brought a yummy cake for everyone to share (chocolate frosting, chocolate cake and strawberry filling). I got to be embarassed with the birthday sombrero and loud singing in Spanish. All in all, a very fun, happy night.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mundane after that. I went to bed early Saturday night and got up for church on Sunday. I wore my new outfit and got lots of compliments. Sunday night, our college band practiced, and worship went well. Rob was complimentary.

I spent all day Monday reading Mississippi for my EN 510 class. It was a good book, but I'm glad to be finished with it. I cooked spaghetti Monday night. Yesterday I worked all day and went to class last night. We also got our plumbing fixed.

My grand discovery for today is that I will actually be able to take two weeks for spring break, as long as I work extra hours every week until then. I think it's a pretty good deal, so I'm going to try really hard. I'm not going to stress too much over it, though, because I will still get a couple extra days regardless.
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