Creative eating -- August 20, 2009
9:09 AM | Author: Misty
I had some fun last night trying to get the amount of veggie servings I wanted. Not sure that I quite made it, but I gave it a good go!

I completely forgot to take any meat out of the freezer for dinner. Bobby was working, and I was sorely tempted to just hit up Chick-Fil-A. I resisted that urge, more for our budget's sake than for any healthy eating reason, and pulled the good ol' fallback from the freezer -- frozen pizza.

We tend to buy at least one frozen pizza per week for lazy nights, and I was glad for it last night. But a pepperoni Red Baron left me with the challenge of figuring out how to incorporate veggies. I'd had a salad at lunch AND at dinner the previous night, so I really wasn't in the mood for more greens, and I didn't feel like chopping up and cooking the squash and zucchini in my fridge.

The good news for me is, for once, I worked ahead with some of my veggies. Last week when I bought groceries, I immediately chopped up tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers. The cucumbers wouldn't so much work on a pizza, but I tossed on some bell pepper and tomato, adding in some chopped mushrooms and black olives. I also added a little extra (reduced fat) cheddar cheese to hold everything on the pizza.

I thought the end result was actually very good! I got in some more veggies, and the pizza tasted better.

Anybody out there have creative cooking ideas to share?
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On 9:26 AM, August 20, 2009 , Katie Lewis said...

I know it sounds gross, but TRY VEGGIE BURGERS! There are all sorts of great ones available. My favorites are the black bean burger, chicken patty, and tomato basil burger. (Don't try the straight up veggie burger - it IS gross!) They taste great on salads, wraps, or even by themselves. You get a serving of one lean meat plus your vegetables.

They're packed with protein, but also often high in sodium and, of course, are a processed food, but they're great for quick meals on busy days!!