It's been so long, and so much has happened since I updated! I hope to at some point come back and share some thoughts from journal entries from my wedding/honeymoon weeks, but for now, I'm going to settle for sharing some pictures!

The wedding day started bright and early with a trip to Southern Reflections Salon in Ozark. My cousin's fiancee, Amanda, agreed to do my hair for free. I was a little scared about how it was going to turn out at this point:

But thankfully the end result was much ... tamer. My bridesmaids also had some interesting hair experiences:

But theirs also turned out really pretty:

After we got our hairs did and I got a sweet early morning text from Bobby, we headed back to my parents' house to finish getting ready. We were running a little late, so we hurried and still ended up being late for pictures.

Here I am leaving my parents' house for the last time as a single woman:

Bobby and I had a few moments alone before pictures since we decided to do the pictures before the wedding. We met in the sanctuary of the church (Sykes Creek Baptist -- my Meemaw's church). It was really special to walk into the sanctuary in my wedding gown and see him standing there in his tux. We exchange hugs, kisses, encouraging words and I love yous. There may have been a few tears involved.

And here are some faves from before the wedding (captions below photos):

This is the entire wedding party. Far left are my sisters Kristy and Amy, then my dad and my mom on the bottom row. The top row on the left is my bridesmaids Lauren, Ashley and Holly. Jerred and Sarah-Grace, my niece and nephew, are in the front. Bobby's parents are bottom right, and behind them (from right) are our ushers Chris and Brian (Elmo) and Bobby's groomsmen Chris and Bobby. We're in the middle, and our preacher, Matt, is standing behind us.

Me with my niece and nephews. Drew, the one on my lap, wasn't in the wedding, but he wanted to sit in my lap for a picture.

Bridesmaids? Or secret agents/angels?

Apparently this came from a movie. It was our photographer's (Stephanie's) idea. It turned out really cute, even if I have no idea what movie it's from!

Bobby: I'm going to make a goofy face at your flowers now. Me: Quit messing around!

This shot was Bobby's idea, and I think it turned out hilarious.

This is probably my favorite shot of us.

Me and Drew in between the formal pictures and the ceremony. We were having a good time!

And here are some from the actual ceremony (captions below photos):

That's my dad giving me away. Yes, that is a tear. Bobby and I both pretty much alternated between laughing and crying for the entire ceremony.
Bobby was doing a lot of giggling. I don't think either of us could believe our wedding day had finally arrived and we were really getting married.

Bobby had a little trouble getting my wedding band on my hand. And I laughed at him (then helped him, of course).

Having learned from Bobby's ring issues, I used both hands to guide his ring onto his finger.

Then there was the kiss. We got some catcalls. Bobby said later that he figured if he was going to kiss me, he might as well do it right and make it memorable!

Matt did a wonderful job with the ceremony. We had tons of people tell us afterward that it was one of the best weddings they'd ever been to. We wrote our own vows, and we also each sent Matt a write-up about why we love each other and wanted to get married. He preached a sermonette about this and tied in Bobby's pursuit of me with the way God pursues us --
even when we don't think we want to be pursued, he's persistent.

We had the reception in the church's fellowship hall, so after our recessional (Mna Mna -- people didn't quite know what to think, but it was so us!), we headed over and formed an informal receiving line. We hugged a whole bunch of people and then headed in for some cake and food.

Here are a few other shots from the reception:

Some members of the old T-town crew were able to make it: Matthew, Jessica, Holly, Lauren, Bobby, me, Renee, Dianne, Chris and Austin. Wish more of that group of friends could have come, but we're spread out all over the country now!

A handful of folks from Vineyard, our church in Tuscaloosa, made it, too. This is Katie, Ashley, me, Bobby, Benji and Rob.

Lauren caught the bouquet and was very happy about it.

Brian (Elmo) caught the garter and was not nearly as happy.

And finally, we were off. In our nasty car. Courtesy of Beau Freakin' Rainwater. Thankfully Rob and Benji came to my parents' house and washed it off while we were changing clothes. I don't think we can thank them enough for that!

After Bobby and I changed clothes at my parents' house, we headed to Georgia for the evening. We ate dinner at a restaurant in Griffin, Ga. (where Bobby used to live), before checking into our hotel. We were exhausted! We got up the next day and piddled around for a while before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Paris! I will post some pictures from Paris soon, but that'll definitely be for another blog entry!

Looking back on our wedding day, I'm really amazed at how smoothly everything went and how stress-free the day was. When people ask us about it, that's the biggest thing Bobby and I remember about the day -- we never once felt stressed. Nervous, yes, and excited. But it was a beautiful day, and it was really everything I could have hoped for.

By the way, if you want to see even more pictures, they are posted on my flickr account,
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On 10:37 PM, April 14, 2009 , Lauren said...

you were a gorgeous bride and bobby is one lucky man!!! love you!