Birthday! - Jan. 31/Feb. 1
11:54 PM | Author: Misty
My birthday was earlier this week, and Bobby really outdid himself, I think. It ended up being a great day.

I was grumpy to start the day because I had to get up early to go to the gym, then our gym buddies, the Hewetts, didn't show up! Which is totally OK, but I was wishing I could have taken the day off on my birthday! Then the art director for our magazine decided to take the day off work -- and again, I was wishing I could take the day off! But thankfully Randy, my boss, who was out of town, called around mid-morning and told me to go ahead and leave at 2! Hooray!

Bobby came and picked me up for lunch, which Chris treated us to at Fig. Had some yummy chicken tortilla soup and a free piece of peanut butter cake in honor of my birthday. Oh, my goodness, that cake was awesome! It was yellow cake topped with creamy peanut butter fudge and drizzled with chocolate. Wow, so good.

Apparently me getting off at two sort of messed up Bobby's plans a bit, but he went with it! He showed up at my office around 2 with FOUR DOZEN roses! I was so surprised! Seriously, I was completely weighted down with flowers. I'm a HUGE sucker for pretty flowers, and Bobby knows this, so he did great in getting me a lot of them for my birthday. He also brought with him a chocolate cake from Publix that was even better than Fig's PB cake! It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, strawberry filling, chocolate-covered strawberries and almond slivers. Between the two of us, we ate almost that whole cake this week; I think we gave away 2-3 slices. When we got home I put the flowers in every container I could find and ended up with roses in every room of the house! Bobby also got me some new pillows, which I'd asked for since I desperately needed them. I've been majorly enjoying them the rest of this week!

The night of my birthday we went out to Depalma's, a local Italian place, for dinner. It was yummy! We ate a three-cheese tort and carnivore lasagne, which had sausage, pepperoni and chicken served with tomato lasagne and red sauce. YUM!! It was seriously delicious, and I still have some left in my fridge that I need to finish off.

Those were pretty much all the birthday festivities on the big day. My coworkers took me out to lunch at Lupe's, a local Mexican place, on Thursday, which was fun, and I think I'm getting together with some folks from church tomorrow for a sort of belated birthday lunch.

I got a great start to my 26th year, and I'm looking forward to it being a great one!
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