Winter cleaning - Dec. 12
11:52 PM | Author: Misty
So as more and more thoughts of being green and a good steward swirl around in my head, I sometimes come to realizations that make me uncomfortable. Yesterday, that realization was that I own WAAAAAAAAAAY too many clothes. Seriously, I have this huge walk-in closet, and it was packed with stuff, much of which was either too small or that I didn't really even like enough to wear on a regular basis.

So tonight I did it. I really went through the stuff, and I think I ended up weeding out about half of my clothes. No joke. I had two racks full, and now I only have one:

I didn't really get a good before shot, but I think these are a pretty good representation of the aftermath. It's sort of liberating, because now when I go to my closet, I know that the things in there will fit me, and they are all articles of clothing that I actually like to wear. Here's a shot of the stuff I am getting rid of:

I unloaded some of this tonight at Plato's Closet, a local consignment shop, and walked away with $40. I likely will hit at least one more of the shops in town, possibly pull a few of the nicer items (I have a North Face jacket that's too small for me) to sell on eBay, let Ashley look through them to see if she wants anything, then take what's left to Goodwill.
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