Sunday-ness - Nov. 23
5:57 PM | Author: Misty
I've pretty much done NOTHING this weekend. It's been glorious.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day reading Harry Potter, with a nap thrown in for good measure. I did cook dinner for Bobby and me last night, which was somewhat productive. I cooked pork chops, garlic cheese toast on English muffins, green beans and couscous with veggies. It was majorly yummy.

Got up this morning and went to church. Realized that I'm an ass and that I take out my insecurities on other people sometimes. Apologized. Apologized some more.

After church was 4th Sunday Feast, which is basically a covered-dish lunch. I ate some beef stew, and it made my mouth happy. I also ate waaaaaaay too many of the coconut snowflake things that Katie made, but they were really good, and she assured me that they aren't all that bad for you.

This afternoon I did a little more reading, clipped coupons -- a Sunday tradition for me -- from the Tuscaloosa News and took a nice, long nap. I like naps. Once I woke up, I headed to the grocery store to get supplies to make the aforementioned pumpkin bread. I'm trying to convince myself to bake some tonight, but I'd really rather just read Harry Potter some more. I've just started book 6. I did manage to put some laundry on before I succumb to the urge to either bake or read, so my weekend won't be 100-percent wasted, but it'll be darn close.

Now I'm sitting here with Nom Nom chilling on my lap, my feet propped up and Harry Potter waiting for me. I'm looking forward to a short week this week thanks to Thanksgiving. I'm feeding my co-worker's cats tomorrow and Tuesday while she's out of town and then headed out myself either Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Gonna go visit the fam for Thanksgiving and also spend some time with Bobby's mom and dad. I'm already seeing how having two sets of parents makes things a lot more complicated. Thanksgiving shouldn't be so bad, but Christmas will be harder, I think.

Alright, HP won't wait any longer. If I don't post again before, happy Thanksgiving!
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