I guess blogging can be a bit of a chore for me since I write (mostly) for a living. But seeing as how I don't get to write in first person there (or tell what I really think, which is probably a good thing in some cases), I feel a need to continue writing here, even if it is only occasionally.

Kettle and I went to Tuscaloosa over the weekend, and it was really good. He didn't punch anyone. Nobody punched him. I feel like some things were smoothed over somewhat. It was so good to lead worship again after such a long break. I guess I didn't realize quite how much I missed it. And it was good worship, too. I love it when I get up on stage and then God moves, mostly in spite of me and my thinking I'm all that. Jon talked on creating margins, specifically with the way time is spent. That's a tough one for me because of the craziness of the hours at my job, but I am really making an effort to create some boundaries even in my work schedule (like taking off the time I'm supposed to be taking off, doing an excellent job while I am there but not feeling obligated to stay and help other people do their jobs, etc.). Anyway, it was great (as always) to get to see everybody. We spent the night with Ashley and Benji, and a whole bunch of us had lunch at Swen on Sunday. Spending the night was definitely a good idea, and I think we will be doing that from now on.

So, speaking of my job, I am still loving the actual work that I do. Some interesting situations come up sometimes in the work place and with coworkers, but I'll leave it at that, since this is a public blog. I will say that sometimes I don't have enough time to do as much as I want with some of my articles, but I'm starting to figure out that this is just the way it goes sometimes. I'm just going to keep doing my best work, turning it in at the end of the day and not worrying too much about it.

I'm also in the process of trying to be a bit more disciplined in a couple of areas. I am definitely starting Weight Watchers again after a weekend of eating whatever I wanted in Tuscaloosa. It's a challenge, but I did it before, so I know I can do it. I've been really good with my lunches, and I'm working on eating better meals at night. I also went to the gym today and plan to go again tomorrow. Another area where I'm getting disciplined is with my budget. I'm reading a book called Debt Generation, and it's really good so far. One of the chapters I have read detailed how to put together a good budget, so I did that this morning, and I think it looks pretty good. I'm going to test it out with my paycheck tomorrow so I can find out how it works.

Anyway, this has turned into a decent update. I think I'll leave it here. Good night, world! :)
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