So YOU think you can dance?
9:25 PM | Author: Misty
Wow, so I'm chillin' at home ... on a Friday night ... watching re-runs of So You Think You Can Dance ... and enjoying it.

I'm OK with that. :)

I have to work tomorrow for the second Saturday in a row. I get to watch a parade in the morning. Hopefully that'll be it! No traipsing for marijuana. No Haggard. There probably will be some page layout, but not the whole paper like last week! And after work, Kettle and I are headed to Tuscaloosa. I'm excited.

This week's been pretty good. Lots of work. I went to the gym once. I had yesterday off, and it was a thing of beauty!

Anyway, that's about all. Just figured I would update, since I don't really have anything better to do!
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