Time for some more Project 365 photos!
8:30 AM | Author: Misty
Alright, in an effort to not get too far behind in sharing these, here are my latest Project 365 shots:

February 21: Keke got a little bored on the first day of Lent and decided to try to climb the tree in our front yard. So I took pictures and made a collage.

February 22: This was during the black plague. I wanted to demonstrate the fact that I was on lots and lots of drugs.

February 23: We went over to Chris M's to play Wii and the boys took over while we sat around and watched. We got a little bored.
February 24: So pretty! I was on campus taking pictures of Bidgood for work and noticed this little spot, so I took a picture.
February 25: We had another Wii night at Benji's and Ashley's. We played some Wario game that was a lot of fun, but only one player could play at a time. So we entertained ourselves while Benji was playing.

February 26: It was such a pretty day. I thought this made a pretty cool shot. This is a tree in our front yard.

February 27: I saw these flowers at Target and had to have them. So I bought them and brought them home and stuck them in a vase.

February 28: We had a worship team fellowship dinner at the church. Yummy Olive Garden!

March 1 (No. 1): The day of all the tornadoes. UA decided not to cancel classes until 2:30, and the tornado sirens started going off around 2:50. Yeah, mass chaos on campus.

March 1 (No. 2): The dark tornado skies!

March 1 (No. 3): After the crazy tornado weather, we decided to play in the rain!

March 2: We had roommate night and made lots and lots of dips to eat with chips! And I learned how to use the self-timer on my camera...

March 3: We went bowling for Rob's birthday.

March 4: My Bear!
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