Playing catch-up with Project 365...
11:23 PM | Author: Misty
I haven't posted my P-365 shots in a couple of weeks, so I figured I'd better do it before I get too far behind! Here are the past few weeks:

March 5: Monday night, Heroes, Mexican fiesta. 'Nuff said.

March 6: I had lunch with my friend Chris at Jason's Deli. It was the first time we've gotten to hang out in a while.

March 7: I had to get two shots in my hand for tendinitis. Yuck! The first one made my hand swell up. The second one was cortisone, and it has made my hand feel better.

March 8: Keke and I ate dinner at Los Tarascos and then harassed Ashley at the Bean.

March 9: Two nights in a row at Los. Ashley wanted to grab some margaritas, so we did.

March 10: A really pretty sunset from the parking lot of Target.

March 11: Yeah, I forgot to take a photo this day. But I had a late-night craving for french fries and ice cream, so I made that my POTD.

March 12: I just saw this on my way into the office and thought it made an interesting picture.

March 13: Delicious, yummy goodness.

March 14: The electric company cut down the old oak tree in my parents' front yard! Boo!

March 15: Day one of my vacation at the beach. Bad weather, but there were lots of surfers!

March 16: Day two in FWB, and the weather was MUCH nicer!

March 17: Yep, the drive home. I spent a lot of time driving this day.

March 18: I went out to the Riverwalk in Northport and took a whole ton of pictures. I like the reflections in this one.

March 19: More Monday night yumminess. Zucchini pasta.

March 20: Dogwood blossoms at the arboretum.

March 21: Worship practice.

March 22: Dirty softball feet!
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