OK, for any of you that posted comments on my blog at some point and thought that I was just completely ignoring you or that I didn't want anything to do with you or that your comment offended me, whatever... I'm so sorry! I just realized that I had chosen to moderate comments before they were posted, so I hadn't seen any of the comments that have been left for me in the past six months! I will be working on getting back to all of you that need to be gotten back to about stuff... so sorry again.

In other news ... I'm happy. :) I'll let you ruminate on that one and make of it what you will.

Oh, and I decided that I'm going to do one more semester at my current job. I guess I just need more than 5 days to decide what to do with my life! I prayed about it, read some Scripture, basically realized that I was being an idiot and why I was being an idiot (that's another story) and that everything was going to be OK. So good for God! He's a pretty cool guy.
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