Josh Mallory tried to kill me!
12:36 AM | Author: Misty
OK, not really. But he is the only person ever to get me in a car wreck, hear me scream and hear me curse all in the same 30 seconds.

We are OK (mostly), his car is a little worse for the wear, and he has to pick up the report sometime next week. We got rear-ended (rather violently) turning into Chris's driveway on our way to watch Lost. I'm going to be a bit sore in the morning, I think.
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On 2:25 PM, November 08, 2006 , annie are you okay said...

once Kathryn shows me how to put friends on my blog profile thing, i'm totally putting you up there! i need to read your blog one day...perhaps tomorrow! i hope you're having a good week!