So, yeah, fall break was a very good thing.

I was supposed to work, but I ended up spending much more time taking care of a few things that had been neglected for too long. I scrubbed the nasty floor in the bathroom at home. I dusted all the nastiness off the entertainment center. I cleaned mirrors and sinks and dishes and coffee table. And I took my car in for a check-up; it was only five months overdue. I also had some fun hang-out time with Ashley and Benji, and I was able to breathe. I just kind of decided Thursday morning that I was going to do things for those two days that were not related to school or work, because school and work seem to have taken over my entire life this semester. It's interesting to see how Satan attacks; I have been really making big strides in my relationship with Christ, and I have had awesome time in the Word lately. I'm actually making Him a priority. So Satan sees that and tries to wear me down in other areas of my life. Well, it's not going to work! I actually ended up dropping one of my classes; I decided recently that I'm changing my major to marriage and family therapy, so this class wasn't going to count for anything anyway. I think that will help out tremendously. But other than that, I need to start demonstrating some discipline in other areas of my life (work, school), and that will help prevent some of the burn-out I am feeling.

Anyway, this week is going to be a good one, I think. We're having a fellowship at church tomorrow night for the worship team. I think I might be having coffee with Anneliese on Thursday? I need to check my Facebook, because I can't remember... Friday I will go to my clinical placement at CrossingPoints, and then my dad is coming into town Saturday for Homecoming!

Yep, a good week!
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