Grocery shop -- May 21, 2009
3:16 PM | Author: Misty
This week’s shopping trip was a VERY good one. Bobby and I had $40 budgeted, and so far I have spent $37.10. In order to help out somewhat with folks who are interested in how we are saving, I’m trying to include detailed info about the coupons I used and the sales I took advantage of.

Here’s what we got:

Lays Wavy Potato Chips
2 packages
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) at $3.49
Used $4 CVS Extra Care Bucks coupon from previous visit, so total was $0.
(**CVS Extra Care Bucks is an incentive program. You fill out paperwork, get a CVS discount card for free, then when you buy certain advertised products, you get coupons for dollars off your next purchase. You will also save money on other items with the card and get other coupons that print out from the register, including ones like I got today: $4 off a $20 – which I have been able to use as a competitor coupon at Publix.)

Publix Cola (4)
On sale for $.50 each
Total: $2

Cole’s Bread Sticks/Garlic Toast (2)
BOGO at $2.79
Used two $.50 off coupons from
Total: $.79 for 2 (~$.40 each)

Gallon of Publix Milk
On sale for $2.89
Total: $2.89

1 lb. Filet Mignon steaks
On sale for $10.19/lb.
Total: $10.19

18 lb. Kingsford Charcoal Bricks
On sale for $6.99
Used $3 in-store coupon from Summer is Here booklet
Total: $3.99

KFC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
Regular price: $1.50
Used manufacturer coupon from newspaper: Buy Kingsford Charcoal, get BBQ sauce free
Total: FREE

Pork sirloin cutlets
Regular price: $5.63
Used $6 off pork when you buy Kingsford Charcoal, KFC BBQ sauce at
Total: FREE

Mueller dry pasta (6 boxes)
BOGO at $1.29
Used $1 off 3 printable coupon at
Total: $1.87 for 6 (~$.31 each)

Betty Crocker Premium Brownie Mix (2)
BOGO at $2.55
Used printable coupon for $.50 off two at (coupon doubled to make it $1 off total)
Total: $1.55 for 2 (~$.74 each)

Bush’s Baked Beans (the medium-sized cans) (2)
BOGO at $2.29
Total: $2.29 (~$1.15 each)

Kraft BBQ sauce (2)
BOGO at $1.49
Used two $1 printable coupons at
Total: FREE for 2

Near East Couscous (2)
BOGO at $2.19
Total: $2.19 for 2 (~$1.15 each)

Glade Plug-In Gel Warmer
Regular price: $1.99
Used FREE manufacturer coupon from newspaper
Total: FREE

Pedigree Dentastix Dog treats (2)
BOGO at $3.79
Used two printable $2.50 off coupons at
Total: FREE for 2

5-lb. Red Potatoes
On sale for $2.99
Total: $2.99

Heluva Good Dip (4)
BOGO at $2
Used four printable coupons for $.50 at – coupons doubled, making it $1 off each
Total: FREE for 4

Kraft Singles American Cheese (2)
BOGO at $2.59 (and I actually just realized I bought the wrong kind and paid $6.98 instead of $2.59 – called Publix, and they said I can swap it!)
Used $1 off 2 printable coupon at
Total: $1.59 for 2 (~$.79 each)

Cover Girl lip gloss
Regular price: $3.59
Used $2 off coupon from Publix Green Health and Beauty Flyer, $2 manufacturer coupon from newspaper
Total: FREE

14 lb. Tidy Cat litter (3)
BOGO at $6.99
Used three $2 peel-off coupons available on Tidy Cat containers in-store
Total: $4.49 for 3 (~$1.50 each)

Publix Hot Dog Buns
On sale for $.99
Used printable $.50 off coupon from (does not double)
Total: $.49

Publix White Bread
Regular price: $1.17
Total: $1.17

I also used a printable Wal-Green’s coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase and a CVS coupon that I got at the CVS register for $4 off a $20 purchase for a total of $9 extra off.

Total shelf price of all groceries: $137.22
Total paid: $32.31
Total amount saved: $104.89
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On 4:16 PM, May 21, 2009 , Amy said...

Great job Misty!! Thanks for posting your savings on p4p. Feel free to leave a link to your savings post!

On 8:30 AM, May 22, 2009 , Chrishtan said...

Man, I wish we had a Publix here!!