Lately Bobby and I've had a couple of conversations about getting more active at church. He and I have developed a tendency to look on with minimal involvement, talk about how we would have done things differently, then go on about our business. To be fair, we've wanted to get involved but have sort of waited for opportunities to come to us rather than seeking them out, but even sometimes when we've had the chance to serve, we've turned it down.

I really think we both have some decent, good and sometimes great ideas, but often it doesn't seem to go further than that. We definitely could do more volunteering than we have been, but it's so much easier to lounge around the house, play on the computer, play with the animals, etc.

At the same time, I think we both see things about our church that we think could be done more effectively and in a way that would serve people better. And we're not trying to be critical of the way anyone else is serving because we both know that God gifts people in different ways and puts them into different roles for a reason. But I really think that God has put certain things on our heart for a reason, and the reason is that he intends for us to fill those roles.

We've both had a fair amount on our plate with each of us moving to Tuscaloosa in the past year, starting new jobs, looking for another job in his case, making wedding plans, dealing with deaths in both our families and hunting for a house. But once we get past the wedding, I think we both really want to find specific ways to help further the work Vineyard is doing for Jesus. And, like we talked about tonight, that's going to mean both of us will have to really learn what it means to work behind the scenes.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." --Mahatma Gandhi (not Mother Teresa, as I thought ... thanks, Kathryn)
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On 10:59 PM, March 15, 2009 , kathryn thomas said...

that sounds good. i hope your wedding festivities this week go smoothly. btw, i think you're thinking of gandhi with that quote. ;)

happy wedding week!!