So much to do, so little time
9:14 PM | Author: Misty
My life has been reduced to work, time with Bobby and sleep lately.

I really love my job, but it definitely has taken up a lot of my time for the past month. I've hardly had time to breathe lately (aside from my time in California). I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on things, which is definitely a good thing. I actually got to go to bed early last night, and tonight I've had some time to myself to just play on the Internet, watch TV and chill out. It's lovely.

It's really been interesting to not be in classes at all for a change. I'm sort of liking being a part of the real world so far. I think once I get a little more acclimated to the hours and the work, I will really love it.

So, yeah, this is a rather vague, boring update, but I don't feel like thinking any more! :)
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